How Training with Augmented Reality Can Save Your Business Thousands of Hours

AR training programs have helped reduce onboarding times by 40-60%

We know, we know. Augmented reality isn’t cheap, and implementing it into your business can feel like an expensive risk. But did you know that AR training programs have helped reduce onboarding times by 40-60% and enhanced employees’ work by up to 90%? Augmented reality has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of training methods, offering a host of benefits for companies around the world. Businesses that implement training protocols are 2.5x more likely to hit their onboarding goals, on top of seeing significant improvements in efficiency, performance, and safety. From facilitating practice sessions and streamlining maintenance procedures to improving sales and customer experiences, AR-powered solutions are revolutionizing the way individuals learn and businesses profit.

training with augmented reality higher production


In an increasingly competitive world with slimming profit margins, employers must actively pursue creative ways to mitigate the cost of owning a business. With traditional training costing US businesses an average of $1100 per employee, augmented reality offers a powerful solution that saves both time and money while delivering improved onboarding results.

Statistics show how training with AR can be impactful

Learning Capabilities

AR training presents a multitude of advantages for employees, including enhanced comprehension of complex information and the flexibility to learn at their own pace and convenience. In fact, enhanced AR training protocols have proven to increase knowledge acquisition by up to 25%. Augmented reality can be utilized in on-the-job training modules to overlay digital information into the trainee’s field of view, providing real-time, step-by-step instructions to guide them through complex tasks or procedures on the job site. This ability is powerful in any industry, relieving stress associated with learning something new and increasing customer satisfaction as well. For instance, medical practitioners in training can see diagrams, diagnostics, and information in their field of view while treating a patient, and new sales employees can see prompts, FAQs, and quote information while meeting with a prospect. Contec used an AR/VR training to increase training efficiency with an immersive experience where users learn how to mop contaminated surfaces.

Enhanced Workplace Safety

Beyond just learning capabilities, AR training notably mitigates safety risks associated with traditional methods, providing the opportunity for employees to learn from simulations and hands-on experiences rather than training videos or paper materials. AR allows trainees to respond to emergency situations with the correct protocol in an immersive environment, creating a lasting impact and more practical know-how than safety training in a more traditional classroom setting. The value of facilitating a safe work environment and ensuring employee recall of safety protocols cannot be understated, with workplace injuries costing US employers roughly $171 billion annually.


Additionally, scalability is a critical advantage of AR training solutions, offering businesses the flexibility to expand their training programs seamlessly. With AR technology, businesses can easily adjust training content, resources, and delivery methods to accommodate changes in workforce size, organizational structure, or training objectives. Whether scaling up to onboard new employees or diversifying training content to address evolving business needs, augmented reality ensures that training programs remain effective and efficient. By leveraging scalable AR training, businesses can maintain consistency and quality in their training initiatives while adapting to the dynamic demands of the modern workplace.


The benefits of AR training extend to any industry, from manufacturing and construction to healthcare and retail. Finding the perfect solution for your business is what Gravity Jack does best! Here are some examples of how top companies in a wide range of industries are using AR in their training processes:

Training with augmented reality is proven to save businesses thousands of hours
  • Boeing’s technicians use a HoloLens to guide them through installing and servicing electrical wiring in aircraft. Their AR solution has reportedly resulted in a 25% reduction for time spent on the task and a 33% increase in accuracy and speed. Their new AR protocol has reduced training time by up to 75% per person according to the company.
  • Mercedes Benz also utilizes the HoloLens to give both salespeople and engineers a better understanding of the vehicles, allowing users to point at specific features and learn more information about each detail.
  • Accuvein, Inc. uses augmented reality for vein visualization, helping new nurses locate veins in patients and increase precision of injections. One analysis estimates that the software could save hospitals over $350,000 per year.

Whether you’re looking to streamline equipment maintenance, alleviate the risk of workplace injuries, reduce onboarding time or increase employee retention, AR offers you and your business a powerful, resource-saving solution. Reach out to Gravity Jack today to learn how we can help you save thousands of hours (and dollars) on training and onboarding! 


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