Why WebAR Is Better For Your Business

WebAR is a perfect AR solution for business

Augmented reality may be a powerful tool to engage customers, enhance marketing efforts, and drive sales, but many businesses can’t afford to front the cost of a custom AR application. These projects can range anywhere from $25-$50k+, and while it will eventually pay off with higher conversions and greater customer satisfaction, that’s no small bill in the short term. Cue WebAR. Web-based augmented reality has emerged as the perfect middle ground for businesses wanting to stay ahead of the curve and reach new levels of engagement without requiring a specialized app. Let’s explore why WebAR can be a budget-friendly and highly effective medium for results for your business.

Accessibility and Instant Engagement

One of the biggest advantages of WebAR is its accessibility. Unlike traditional AR experiences that require users to download and install specific apps, WebAR can be accessed directly through a web browser. This means that users can engage with AR content instantly and on the go with just a few clicks, without the need for any additional software or installations. By removing barriers to entry, WebAR opens up new opportunities for businesses to reach a wider audience and drive engagement. Whether you’re showcasing products in an e-commerce store, providing virtual tours of real estate properties, or offering interactive games and entertainment, WebAR makes it easy for users to engage with your content and immerse themselves in your brand experience.

Best Conversions

Because WebAR does not require consumers to download an app or take extra steps, the technology is a powerful tool for converting passive browsers into active consumers. WebAR transforms mindless doom scrolling into real engagement by offering the consumer interactive experiences within their traditional e-commerce setting. Features like “try before you buy”, product customization, and gamification of the shopping experience all work to elevate the consumer’s journey and create a lasting impression.

Seamless Integration

Another key benefit of WebAR is its seamless integration within existing marketing streams. Whether you’re looking to incorporate AR into your website, social media channels, digital marketing campaigns, or even physical assets, WebAR can easily be integrated into your existing presence using QR codes, short links, or direct links. From SMS marketing and digital ads to billboards and signage, WebAR makes it easier for businesses to leverage the power of AR across multiple channels and instantly deliver immersive experiences to their audience, wherever they are.


Developing traditional AR apps can be time-consuming and expensive, requiring businesses to invest significant resources in app development, maintenance, and promotion. In contrast, WebAR offers a more cost-effective solution, allowing businesses to create AR experiences using standard web development tools and frameworks. With WebAR, businesses can save time and money while still delivering engaging AR content to their audience.

Analytics and Insights

With WebAR, businesses can gain valuable insights into user behavior and engagement through built-in analytics tools. By tracking metrics such as user interactions, dwell time, and conversion rates, businesses can better understand their audience and optimize their AR experiences for maximum impact. This data-driven approach allows businesses to continuously improve their AR content and drive better results over time.


In conclusion, WebAR offers numerous advantages for businesses looking to harness the power of augmented reality. From driving conversions and engaging passive consumers to saving resources and streamlining marketing efforts, WebAR provides a versatile and effective solution for businesses of all sizes. By embracing WebAR, businesses can create immersive brand experiences, reach new audiences, and stay ahead of the competition in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape. If you are interested in developing a custom WebAR experience for your brand, we might know a guy. Gravity Jack recently won an award for Best Web AR Experience, and we want to share our know-how with business owners like you. We are passionate about helping businesses position themselves on the cutting edge – connect with us today to start leveling up your brand!


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