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As the leading manufacturer of contamination control products, the team at Contec came to Gravity Jack wanting to create a training environment that ensured their mopping solutions were being used efficiently. The result is the Contec virtual mopping application that utilizes the Vive Pro VR headset to create a mixed reality environment that teaches users correct mopping techniques then tests their newly acquired skills.

Wearing the HTC Vive Pro VR headset, users see a digital overlay of the signature S motion required to effectively mop is placed on the floor. With a mop in hand, users are to trace the digital pattern laid out in front of them and repeat the steps as needed. After the user thinks they have the hang of the pattern, they can then select “Assessment Mode” where the app removes the digital overlay and it is up to the user to apply the correct motion to ensure they mop the required area. Behind the scenes, the app continues to track the user’s movements and provides them with an overall score based on their performance.




HTC Vive Pro


Mixed Reality

Combining AR & VR to interact with digital elements within a real-world environment

Custom Software

Code development specific to the project’s needs

3D Development

Realistic 3D artwork that can be viewed from any angle

Custom Animations

Putting any process or procedure in a VR Environment

Game Development

End-to-end gaming solutions that follow the latest trends and best practices

Object Detection

Ability to scan and recognize any real-world object


Whether it’s a hallway in a hospital or an operating room, Contec and their associates are ensuring they are setting high standards and achieving the best results possible by teaming with Gravity Jack to create the virtual mopping application. To make the Mixed Reality application happen, Gravity Jack deployed the best practices for design and development.



A process of identifying and organizing content.


Planning the rough layout and structure of the site’s pages.


Applying the styles to the wireframes to achieve the final design.


Building the website with modern coding techniques.


Identifying and fixing any bugs in the code on multiple devices and screen sizes.


Setting up your site on a hosting service or packaging up the code and handing it over to you!


Believe it or not, using the correct mopping technique when cleaning floors in already cleaned rooms or highly clean environments (i.e laboratories, surgery centers, etc… ), is easier said than done. Oftentimes the mop, chemicals, or the floor pads are blamed when in reality the poor results may simply come from not using the correct technique. To combat this, the team at Contec Inc. contacted Gravity Jack to create a compelling mixed reality (MR) application that will help its users correctly operate a mop in these clean environments.

The application has users wear a Vive Pro VR headset while also handling a mop that has the Vive Pro tracker attached to it. Within the experience, users are able to select from two different mopping motions — the S pattern or the straight-line technique. Once the experience begins, users will see a digital overlay of the pattern that they selected. They will use the mop and tracker to follow the digital pattern provided for them and repeat the steps until they get a feel for the correct motion.

After the user feels like they have the correct motion down, they can select “Open Mode” from the app’s menus which allows them to practice these motions without the digital guide. The other option within the menu is “Assessment Mode” where users are evaluated by the application. In Assessment Mode, the app removes the digital overlay while tracking the user’s motion and the amount of coverage they are getting on the floor with the mop. Based on these factors and the overall time it took the user to finish mopping, the application provides users with a score based on their performance.

Training environments such as the Contec Virtual Mopping Environment are a proven cost-effective way to provide employees the experience needed to prepare them for the Jobsite. They provide hands-on experience that a traditional classroom environment cannot provide. While Contec may be the first mopping application, we believe it is just the beginning for virtual training environments!


The user stories for this particular project included both practice mode and “Assessment” mode where the user’s movements were tracked for an overall score.


Custom 3D & animation capabilities for any HTC headset


In addition to including CONTEC branding, Gravity Jack developed a series of icons and symbols to direct the user

User Experience Design

Enhancing the user’s overall experience through thoughtful digital designs


As the development of the project progressed, we created progress updates in the form of the video of the client. Check-out this one that showcases the app’s features and user flow!

Video Production

Showcase the project’s progress to fellow stakeholders


As the development of the project progressed, we created progress updates in the form of the video of the client. Check-out this one that showcases the app’s features and user flow!

The Goal

Create a a training environment that ensured their mopping technique was be deployed by their employees correctly. The project needed to be compact so it could be used by the CONTEC team at any one of their facilities.

Gravity Jack’s Solution

Develop a mixed reality solution with the HTC Vive pass through functionality that could incorporate an actual mop handle, the real floor of the user, and a digital tracer that tracks the user’s movements.

The Result

A highly realistic training environment that allowed users to perfectly mimic the mopping pattern required by CONTEC. Once the pattern was mastered, users were able to move out of training mode get their pattern scored within their actual environment.


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