Having over ten years of experience developing custom digital solutions for a wide array of clients, Gravity Jack has been able to refine a series of development methods that have since become unique to Gravity Jack. Gravity Jack’s growing portfolio of patents and development methods are currently being used by 8th Wall and other industry leaders in the technology space.

Always looking for the next technological breakthrough, Gravity Jack continues to fund research and development through their commercial projects. Going beyond patents, Gravity Jack works closely with partners on a wide variety of programs that are specific to an industry — such as our partnership with the Spokane Valley Fire Department on SimSafe. Scroll down to learn more about Gravity Jack’s patents and partnerships, and don’t forget to check back in as this page will periodically be updated!


HoloJack is Gravity Jack’s patented Augmented Reality recognition and tracking method. Without proper detection and tracking, AR images and objects appear misshapen, out of place, floating in space, or glued somewhere they don’t belong. HoloJack fixes this by establishing a reference point to which virtual objects may be applied while continuously comparing nearby pixel blocks and matching them back to a reference block.

Patent numbers:  US9076062, US9058660

Licensed By: 8th Wall, Audible, University of Southern California, HolARgram, T-Mobile, SAMSUNG, Others under NDA


Gravity Jack and the Spokane Valley Fire Department (SVFD) have developed an application that allows users to extinguish a virtual fire using the tried and true PASS technique. The fully immersive VR environment better known as SIMSAFE, not only educates users on how to handle a fire extinguisher during a variety of common household fires, but encourages them to extinguish the fire themselves within a virtual setting. SIMSAFE packages are prepared and ready to be shipped — please inquire at hello@gravityjack.com.


Adroit technology allows any device with a camera (like a smartphone, tablet, head-mounted display, etc.) to scan and recognize any real world object while also accounting for its dimensions. The software is capable of detecting large objects such as skyscrapers to the nuts and bolts that hold it together and everything in between. Once an object is recognized, Adroit leverages AR technology to show digital content, entertainment or other details in real time and accurately within the device.


Knowing augmented reality’s potential and the various use cases that will arise, we realized early on there would need to be technology that can accurately locate users who are indoors. Typically, when using AR indoors, the GPS functionality gets confused and the experience isn’t as impactful as intended. To solve this Gravity Jack patented Proximore which is a  number of technologies combined (including peer-to-peer protocols, the triangulation of signals, and a lot of math) that allow users with any type of device to know where they are and where other users are regardless of if they are outside, inside, have GPS or not.

Patent numbers:  US8502659, US8519844, US8493206

Licensed By: 8th Wall, HolARgram, T-Mobile, Others under NDA


Lucent is a dynamic Gravity Jack patented technology that allows a device’s camera to see any changes in light patterns, pulses, colors, or timing to trigger augmented reality content as a response. In fact, anything emitting light that is used for augmented reality or computer vision is protected by our patent.

Example: Your modem is flashing a light from amber to green every three seconds because it doesn’t have a connection to the internet. Without looking in a manual Lucent would allow you to hold your device up and see what that pattern means and provide repair instructions in augmented reality.

Patent numbers:  US9158777

Licensed By: 8th Wall, HolARgram, T-Mobile, Others under NDA