Snapchat Lens Provides New AR Advertising Opportunities

Snapchat Lens is a platform for augmented reality advertising

Snapchat recently made a significant announcement that is set to shake up the world of digital advertising. The popular social media platform is now offering augmented reality (AR) advertising opportunities for brands, opening up new possibilities for interactive and engaging marketing strategies. In the world of social media, Snapchat has been at the forefront of AR innovation with the app being particularly popular among younger demographics, especially Gen Z and millennials, making it a valuable platform for brands targeting these age groups. 

With the introduction of AR advertising, brands now have the opportunity to leverage the technology to create immersive and memorable experiences for Snapchat users. One of the key advantages of AR advertising on Snapchat is the platform’s highly engaged user base. With millions of daily active users, Snapchat provides a massive audience for brands to showcase their AR experiences. Since the users are already familiar with and accustomed to using AR filters, they are more likely to engage with AR advertising from brands.

Instead of simply showcasing products in traditional ads, brands can now use AR to allow users to interact with their products in a whole new way. This comes in two primary forms:

  1. Interactive Lenses and Filters: Brands can design custom AR lenses and filters that users can engage with. For instance, a makeup brand might create a lens that allows users to virtually try on different products, or a car manufacturer could let users visualize a new vehicle in their driveway.
  2. Shoppable AR: One of the most exciting aspects is the integration of shopping capabilities within AR experiences. Users can interact with a product in AR and then seamlessly transition to purchasing it without leaving the app. This streamlines the path from engagement to conversion, making it easier for brands to drive sales.

What Does This Mean For Advertisers?

  1. Enhanced User Engagement: AR ads are inherently interactive, making them more engaging than traditional formats. Users are likely to spend more time with AR content, exploring and sharing their experiences, which can lead to higher brand recall and affinity.
  2. Targeting Younger Audiences: Given Snapchat’s strong user base among younger demographics, brands can effectively reach and resonate with these audiences. AR ads can be tailored to match the preferences and behaviors of Gen Z and millennials, who value innovation and interactive content.
  3. Creative Storytelling: AR provides a unique outlet for brands to tell their stories in new and compelling ways. Whether through gamified experiences, virtual try-ons, or immersive product showcases, brands can craft unique narratives that stand out in a crowded digital landscape.
  4. Increased Conversion Rates: The seamless integration of shoppable AR can significantly boost conversion rates. By allowing users to interact with and purchase products within the same experience, brands can reduce friction in the customer journey and drive more immediate sales.
  5. Valuable Data Insights: With detailed analytics, brands can gain insights into consumer behavior and preferences. This data can inform future campaigns, helping brands to continually improve their AR advertising strategies and achieve better results.

Snapchat’s exploration into augmented reality advertising is a game-changer for brands looking to captivate and convert younger audiences.  By embracing AR technology, brands can create immersive and interactive experiences that resonate with consumers in a way that traditional advertising cannot. As AR technology continues to evolve, the possibilities for innovative advertising on Snapchat are virtually limitless, making it an essential platform for forward-thinking marketers.


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