We have amazing leaders



Jennifer has been in the technology sector since leaving school to help kickoff a startup in 2002. Her first foray into technology was as the CFO of Tometa Software, a custom software development company that was acquired in 2007. From this, Jennifer went on to assume the same role at PlayXpert, a gaming company and, in 2009, helped spearhead the formation of Gravity Jack.
She is a southern California native, transplanted to the great northwest. Along with being a technology futurist and entrepreneur, she is a mother of four, a professional triathlete, extreme athlete and skydiver.



Richey began coding software at 14, including work for NASA and NASDAQ he has created many successful startups. He sold his last company to a gaming company in 2009 and founded Gravity Jack, Inc. that November with the vision of mobile based Augmented Reality, he quickly established the company as a leader in the space, with a strong patent portfolio, dedicated research team and a top-tier client roster.
Richey’s life has been dedicated to businesses that bring society and technology into the future. His broad understanding of technology, teamed with his passion for both integrity and optimization within the business domain.
Richey attended Eastern Washington University, where he studied Mathematics, Business and Computer science. He resides in Liberty Lake, Washington where he is husband to his wife, Jennifer, and father to his four children. Some of his hobbies include skydiving, snowboarding, wakeboarding, mma and racing motorcycles.


We have amazing leaders



Nolan Bushnell, a pioneering entrepreneur, founded Atari in 1972, introducing the world to the first blockbuster video game, Pong. With a design philosophy emphasizing games that are “easy to learn and difficult to master,” Bushnell’s influence extends to over 20 companies he has launched, including Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theater, the first Silicon Valley incubator, and Etak, the first in-car navigation system. Currently serving as Chairman of ExoDexa and CKO of Moxy, he remains an iconic visionary in the digital revolution and continues to change the world as we know it.



Broussard is a University of Houston graduate with a long history in growth advising and business development. Broussard focuses on introducing new products and services to his clients, currently serving as CEO of GrowthAdvisors Int’l. Established in 1999, Growth Advisors Int’l is a strategy and business development firm with a focus on companies seeking to accelerate growth and/or establish a global footprint. We utilize a proprietary approach to strategy and growth acceleration. In some cases, we will take an interim role in the company, invest or assist in funding.



 Ron Gillyard, the Chief Growth Officer at Quantasy, is a Grammy-winning record executive with an illustrious career spanning nearly two decades. His journey in the music industry began as an intern at Columbia Records, and he has since worked alongside industry legends such as Clive Davis, Jimmy Iovine, Irving Azoff, and Sean “Diddy” Combs. Gillyard’s extensive portfolio includes collaborating with iconic artists like Stevie Wonder, Boyz II Men, Alicia Keys, and Eminem, earning him a well-deserved Grammy for producing Bebe & Cece Winans’ album “Still.” With his remarkable background and wealth of experience in the music business, Gillyard has transitioned seamlessly into his role as the Chief Growth Officer at Quantasy, an award-winning digital media agency known for its expertise in social media.



Taro Araya, the Co-founder and CEO of Goama, is a visionary leader with a diverse career history, from running a car repair shop in Colombia to founding startups in Bangladesh and eventually venturing into subscription gaming. Under his leadership, Goama Games has become a global trailblazer in the gaming industry, offering ad-free access to a vast library of top-rated games and embracing cutting-edge technologies, with over 4 million active paying subscribers across seven countries.



Gravity Jack has been pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation since 2009. Gravity Jack has been pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation since 2009. Gravity Jack has been pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation since 2009.Gravity Jack has been pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation since 2009.Gravity Jack has been pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation since 2009. Gravity Jack has been pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation since 2009.



Ken Barun, Senior Vice President at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, is a distinguished leader with extensive corporate and philanthropic experience, including his role as President/CEO of Ronald McDonald House Charities Worldwide. His commitment to making a positive impact is evident in his founding of the charity, and his dedication to charitable work and corporate social responsibility reflects his passion for making a difference in the world, while residing in Charlotte, North Carolina, with his wife Sethea and seven children.