What Recession? We’re Expanding!

Gravity Jack In the Press


When I was young, I had a striped rugby shirt.  To be honest, for the three years I wore that shirt, I probably looked more like a bumblebee than a rugby player but I wore it religiously.  Eventually, when my wrists started showing and the bottom seam crept higher on my waistline, I came to a realization: It had been the perfect shirt for the time, but I had to change; I had to accommodate growth.  So, I went and found a new one— One that fit.
It’s a lesson that everyone learns, and is one that Gravity Jack has experienced first-hand since we started with 5 employees, two years ago.  Now, sporting 38 (all-star) employees, with plenty more growth on hand, the time has come for Jack to take action.  Grab your cardboard boxes and packing tape, folks, because two years after we started, Gravity Jack is proud to say, “What recession?”
We’re moving up, moving out, and moving in to a new pad.
Gravity Jack will soon be cutting the ribbon to our brand-spankin’ new office on Appleway Avenue and, while we may only be moving just far enough to work up a pre-jog sweat, we’re psyched. The new office (pictured in its current state, below) will be the epicenter of shock waves, sending augmented reality in to the future. Boom.

It’s big, and it’s got the size Gravity Jack needs to keep all hands on deck, moving forward with what we do best. The new location will house the entire development floor, the administrative offices and a conference room, keeping all aspects of our business working close together.  The best part, of course, is that we’re staying right here in Liberty Lake, where we’ve always called home.
We can’t wait to show you the finished digs, but we’re more excited about what it means for our future. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop by posting photos, as the new place comes together!



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