Unboxing the HTC Vive Pro HMD with Wireless Adapter Attachment and VIVE Tracker

Ryan from Gravity Jack recently sat down and unboxed the new Vive Pro Wireless virtual reality head-mounted display and all of the accessories that come with it. If you’re even a little curious about what’s in the box (in our best Brad Pitt voice), then you’re definitely going to watch the video above!

The Vive Pro

2016 feels like last week as VR head-mounted displays (HMDs) advance ever closer to entering mainstream entertainment. To this day, no company can definitively claim market supremacy, demonstrating virtual reality’s persistence beyond its initial hype. With HTC’s VIVE Cosmos fresh off the line, let’s take a look back and dive deeper into the VIVE Pro and its practical creative uses.

At a glance, the VIVE Pro offers several upgrades over its predecessor in resolution, sound quality, and comfort. Most notably, the VIVE Tracker allows us to pull any real-world object into a VR space, unlocking even more functional applications. Using these features, the Gravity Jack team plans to craft a new set of VR experiences to meet the growing demands of product showcasing.

What’s in the Box?
  • VIVE Pro HMD
  • (2) VIVE Controllers
  • (2) Base stations
  • Wireless Adapter Attachment Kit
  • VIVE Tracker
Why the Vive Pro
  • Higher resolution
    • 2880×1660 beats out the Oculus Rift S and matches the Valve Index.
  • AMOLED display
    • Outputs warmer, more vibrant colors than LCD displays.
  • Superior tracking
    • Two external Base Stations allow for a wider, more accurate tracking area.
  • Embedded audio headset
    • Adjustable to the user’s preference, as opposed to direct integration.
Other Considerations
  • Valve Index offers greater Field of Vision (FOV) and higher refresh rates.
  • Valve Index controllers allow for individual finger movement.
Closing Thoughts

Our HMD choice reflects our standpoint as developers; features like price and comfort weigh far less than practical capabilities. The deciding factor came down to the versatility provided by the VIVE Tracker, a feature Valve has yet to offer. By bringing this tech into our toolbox, Gravity Jack plans to continue pushing industry boundaries and create truly unique experiences. Stay tuned for announcements about what the VIVE Pro is accomplishing for our clients!


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