Top 5 PHP Frameworks That You Should Be Aware About

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The offshore application development scenario has transmuted into frenzy due to the inception of PHP, a widely used open source scripting language especially suited to the building of dynamic web pages. PHP applications are generally found to be hosted on Linux servers and the functionality is similar to Windows Platform by Active Server Pages Technology. PHP frameworks are ideally suited to the objective of increasing programming efficiency. Here we discuss the top 5 frameworks that are in vogue today.
1. Zend Framework: It is an open source, object oriented web application development framework that can be implemented with PHP5. Individual components to satisfy common requirements that arise in Offshore Software Development are available in Zend. Also there’s the motivation to promote best practices in web application development in PHP.
2. Smarty Framework: It is also known as Template Engine and basically is construed to provide simplified development and deployment of web applications. Pure PHP Template Option and Template Inheritance make this a useful tool.
3. CakePHP: It provides rapid web application development and is an open source framework producing an extensive architecture for development, maintenance and deployment of applications. MVC and ORM common design patterns are used here reducing development costs and coding efforts.
4. Symfony: It is a full-stack framework and provides architectural components and development tools that help rapid building of complex web applications. Supplementary tools provide testing, debugging and documentation facilities. It is generally compliant with web’s “best practices” and “design patterns”.
5. Pardo: It is a component based and event driven framework aimed at providing rapid web programming. Pardo is constituted of a specification file (XML), an HTML template and a PHP class. It is easy to use, robust and provides tam integration.

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