Three, two, one…LAUNCH! :: browsAR is Here!

Gravity Jack In the Press

That’s right, folks! browsAR is HERE, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Quite possibly the biggest news to ever leave our Gravity Jack headquarters!

browsAR, Gravity Jack’s flagship application, under development for the last two years…

  • The world’s FASTEST QR code reader
  • The world’s ONLY full-featured augmented reality browser, capable of unlocking all of Gravity   Jack’s one-of-a-kind augmented reality technology.
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook QAR technology

Now, you’re probably saying, “Where do I get it?! I would pay at least $75.99 for it.” Stop right there. It gets better…
While this app is easily worth 3 times that amount, we’re offering it to you totally free! No you didn’t just die, and go to a heaven where iPhones and Androids live together, rent free…the app really is completely free.
We cannot wait for you to get a taste of this stuff, and you don’t have to! Make your own QAR, right now at browsAR’s homepage ( and download browsAR now! Hit up the links at the end of the blog to choose your weapon and start experiencing augmented reality like you never have, before!
It will be everywhere in no time and we are so excited to launch the app that will constantly be growing and updated with more and more augmented reality from some of the biggest names and brands, in the biggest industries!
Don’t forget to tweet, facebook, and blog it! If you’re a blogger, media, or other press and would like our press kit, click HERE!
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