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Some interesting tidbits from the latest Distmo Report

The report covers the most popular applications in the Apple App Store for iPad, Apple App Store for iPhone, BlackBerry App World (worldwide), Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store, Palm App Catalog and Windows Marketplace for Mobile for Q3 2010 in the United States.The major findings are:

•    The most popular free applications are iBooks (Apple App Store for iPad, by Apple Inc.), Type n Talk (Apple App Store for iPhone, by Jirbo, Inc.), BlackBerry Messenger (BlackBerry App World, by Research In Motion Limited), Pandora Radio (Google Android Market, by Pandora), ZumZum (Nokia Ovi Store, by innerActive), Facebook (Palm App Catalog, Palm, Inc.) and Microsoft My Phone (Windows Marketplace for Mobile, by Microsoft Corporation).

•    The most popular paid applications are Pages (Apple App Store for iPad, by Apple Inc.), Angry Birds (Apple App Store for iPhone, by, BeBuzz – LED Colors and Audible Reminders (BlackBerry App World, by Bellshare GmbH), Beautiful Widgets (Google Android Market, by LevelUp Studio), ToonWarz (Nokia Ovi Store, by Polarbit), mCraig – Mobile Craigslist Browser (Palm App Catalog, by SplashData Inc) and Meon (Windows Marketplace for Mobile, by Manbolo).

•    The Apple App Store for iPhone has the most Games (55% free, 55% paid) among the 100 most popular applications, followed by Windows Marketplace for Mobile (23% free, 45% paid), and the Apple App Store for iPad (25% free, 40% paid). Games are least popular in BlackBerry App World (12.5% free, 28% paid) and Palm App Catalog (33% free, 16% paid).

•    Lupis Labs Software is a very successful games publisher in Google Android Market: its Robo Defense is among both the ten most popular free (#7) as well as the ten most popular paid games (#1), both having accumulated more than 250,000 downloads each.

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