TaylorMade Golf Teams With Gravity Jack, Releases Free Augmented Reality Mobile App Featuring New R1 Driver

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TaylorMade Golf, a world-renown name in golf, has released a powerful new mobile application featuring the new R1 Driver. The free ‘R1 Virtual’ app for iPhone and iPad allows users to view, tune and test the company’s new club using 3D mobile augmented reality and visual search technology from Gravity Jack.

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash., Jan. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — TaylorMade Golf, a long-established leader in golf, has announced the release of ‘R1 Virtual’ the company’s latest mobile application for the iPhone and iPad. The application allows users to experience the company’s new R1 golf club like never before, thanks to an exploding technology called augmented reality (AR) and Visual Search.

Users of the ‘R1 Virtual’ mobile application are able to view the new R1 driver in 3D augmented reality, while tuning each detail of the club, just as they would before hitting the links. Once a user of the application adjusts the loft, face angle and shot shape of the club, they are able to view a simulated trajectory of a shot, based on the user’s detailed and custom specifications.

Augmented reality has quickly surged to the forefront, due to its vast range of possibilities in virtually every modern industry and publications like Mashable, Time Magazine, TechCrunch, VentureBeat and more have all voiced high expectations for the technology.

The augmented reality technology found in TaylorMade’s ‘R1 Virtual’ application is powered by Gravity Jack, an American company, specializing in the research and development of custom AR and Visual Search technology. Gravity Jack creates and owns all of its technology, including the company’s patented browsAR SDK, allowing the unique ability for Gravity Jack to work directly with marketing agencies and clients. Because of this, clients working with Gravity Jack are given freedom from many common restrictions, like third-party licensing fees or functionality limitations.

“We pride ourselves in being ‘yes men’ to our clients…followed by powerful execution,” says Gravity Jack founder, Luke Richey . “TaylorMade came to us, eager to provide an experience that had never been done before. We loved it and said, ‘Let’s make it happen.’ The rest is research, development and creativity — all the things we love.”

The adoption of augmented reality from household names like TaylorMade is sure to only fuel the growth of the technology, by establishing brands as forward-thinking industry pioneers while, at the same time, brightening the spotlight on companies providing the technology — like Gravity Jack.

The ‘R1 Virtual’ application is available free for iPhone and iPad devices equipped with a camera and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store. Once the application is opened, users simply point the device’s camera at trained images and, instantly, the augmented reality experience will begin. Images that are trained and available for use include recent TaylorMade R1 advertisements (available here) and the February 2013 cover of Golf Digest Magazine.

About Gravity Jack:
Gravity Jack is an augmented reality (AR) software development company, founded in Liberty Lake, Washington in 2009. Through the creation of browsAR augmented reality and visual search technology, Gravity Jack’s teams of elite developers merge the physical and virtual worlds with 3D and augmented content. Gravity Jack has created AR marketing campaigns for brands such as TaylorMade, Coca-Cola, Jay@Play, Myspace and Safeway Farm Fresh. Gravity Jack also creates and develops custom mobile, web, and desktop software solutions. Download the free ‘browsAR’ app from the App Store & Google Play.

The names and trademarks of Mashable, Time Magazine, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Golf Digest Magazine and all other media outlets are exclusive registered property of their respective legal owners. Gravity Jack and TaylorMade are not directly affiliated with any of the names above.

Media Contact: Ryan Darbonne Gravity Jack, Inc., (877) 691-3048

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