SQL Injection and Augmented Reality

Gravity Jack In the Press

One of the first hacks you learn is SQL Injection. In simple terms; one method is to put SQL code in something like  a textbox on a website and see if it will execute the commands when you submit. This works! There are various tricks to do this but I have never seen one so ingenious as this – not because it would work in this specific area but the outside the box thinking is impressive.
What will be interesting is to see where things go once computers are doing a lot of input via the environment. Could an object recognition algorithm be crashed via some key code bytes or could your AR app spit out passwords? Machine vision and augmented vision are just more inputs that will have to be guarded against hacks.
This is a spoof done by someone to see if they could crash the license plate recognition programs running all over the UK. Funny joke (depending on who you are) but really interesting concept. The idea is it deletes the table that the real license plate is in. 🙂
– Jack


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