Sales reps rejoice! Virtual Product Display just made marketing all “2014”

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Well, we’re only a week into the new year and sales and marketing have already gone all “2014.”

If you’re in sales you may be familiar with the need to bring product examples along for demos, a portfolio showing colors, features and more. It used to be that videos were the way to go — or even worse, dragging the product with you. Here’s another part of sales — travel. Now, we’re not sure about you, but unless you’re Bruce Banner, hauling an auto transmission, heavy machinery, cars or more is just a ridiculous thought — until now.

Virtual product display is a brand new technology that allows brands, companies — even small businesses to display their entire product line in interactive 3D. We know that sounds heavy, so imagine this:

You board a plane to Phoenix, for a meeting with a client. The plan is to show them your entire new line of . If it’s any bigger than a carryon, you’d be limited to swinging for the fences with a somewhat limited product demonstration. You, however, have Virtual Product Display and board the plane with only your briefcase, holding an iPad or tablet.

You get to Phoenix and head to your client’s office. You step foot in the conference room and hand those at the table your latest catalog. You then pass around your iPad. As soon as each member at the table scans your catalog cover, the product comes to life. We’re talking pops out of the catalog page and into 3D space, right in front of them. Users can swipe to rotate the product 360º in virtual space, and be prompted (step-by-step) through the product features. With the tap of a single button, the product explodes virtually, showing each part, gear or piece, floating in space. Finally, they can customize the product color, features and even lock it in place on a wall, table, floor, etc…and walk around it to view — as though it’s sitting right in front of them.

Years ago, this would have seemed ridiculous. Something of the future. Thanks to a technology called Virtual Product Display, this form of “augmented reality” technology puts this power in the palm of your hands — and can be created in a new app, or can even be added to an existing mobile application. Gravity Jack software studio has worked for years to perfect this tech and we’re proud to finally launch it. Equip your sales team, give your consumers the chance to interact and love your products before buying, or just blow the competition out of the water.Check out more on Virtual Product Display


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