Mobile Gaming Trends: Popularity, Pricing and Monetization

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The new Distimo report is out and it covers the Apple App Store for iPad, Apple App Store for iPhone, Apple Mac App Store, BlackBerry App World, GetJar, Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store, Palm App Catalog, and Windows Phone 7 Marketplace in the United States in June 2011.

The major findings are:

  • The average selling price of games declined by 28% over the last year, while the revenue generated by the most successful freemium games increased tenfold during this period in the Apple App Store for iPhone.
  • The presence of virtual currencies within games is one of the main reasons behind the popularity and monetization success of in-app purchases. 35% of the 300 most popular free games in June use some sort of virtual currencies to monetize in the Apple App Store for iPhone.
  • Looking at the 300 most popular paid for applications, 72% of downloads are generated by games while the remaining 28% of downloads are generated by applications other than games in the Apple App Store for iPhone.
  • The total revenue generated by top grossing games increased by 79% year-on-year in the Apple App Store for iPhone.
  • A small number of publishers dominate total game downloads: ten publishers account for more than half of all downloads among the 300 most popular paid games in the Apple App Store for iPhone.
  • Notwithstanding the popularity of games, the growth rate of the number of applications other than games is higher than the growth rate of the number of games in most stores. The number of games has increased faster than other apps only in the Apple App Store for iPhone, the Apple App Store for iPad and GetJar, but the growth rate for games in other stores is lower than for other applications.

You can now download this publication.

Android Market

Launched:Oct 22, 2008

Google acquired the company Android in 2005, which was the basis for the Android OS that was launched in October 2008. Google Android Market is the pre-installed application store on Android. Read more

Apple App Store For iPad

Launched:April 3, 2010

The Apple App Store for iPad was launched along with the iPad in the United States on April 3, 2010. The number of applications shown below reflects iPad only applications. iPhone only applications ha… Read more

Apple App Store For iPhone

Launched:Jul 11, 2008

The Apple App Store was launched along with the iPhone 3G, and was initially available in 62 countries. At the moment the Apple App Store is available in 90 countries. The applications are downloaded … Read more

Apple Mac App Store

Launched:January 6, 2011

The Mac App Store was announced by Steve Jobs at the ‘Back to the Mac’ event on October 20, 2010. Read more

BlackBerry App World

Company:Research In Motion
Launched:Apr 1, 2009

Research In Motion launched BlackBerry App World in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. BlackBerry App World is available on all new BlackBerry handsets and went live on April 1, 2009. Read more


Launched:Dec 1, 2004

GetJar is an independent free application store, which is available worldwide and features applications for all major platforms. Read more

Nokia Ovi Store

Launched:May 26, 2009

Nokia’s Ovi Store was launched along with the N97, Nokia’s flagship device. At launch, the Ovi Store was available globally to an estimated 50 million device owners across more than 50 Nokia devices. Read more

Palm App Catalog

Launched:Jun 6, 2009

The Palm App Catalog was initially only available on the Palm Pre, and featured applications for the webOS platform. Read more

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

Launched:Holiday season, 2010

The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace was be launched in the holiday season of 2010 and is available for Windows Phone 7 powered devices in a selection of countries. Read more


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