Metaio Acquisition: What’s The Best Augmented Reality Alternative?

Gravity Jack In the Press

If Metaio being acquired left your app stranded, where do you turn for custom AR solutions? How about a CMS? Here’s what you need to know…

By now you’ve heard — Apple Inc. has acquired Metaio, one of the current leaders in augmented reality, and provider of Metaio Creator. As a result, many developers whose apps have long relied on Metaio are now left looking for a replacement to fulfill their technological needs.

As an established team of augmented reality developers ourselves, we thought we’d offer some help. Since being founded in 2009, we’ve had the chance to develop apps and augmented reality using every major platform, including Metaio, Vuforia and more. This experience and an ever-increasing client base (in both commercial and government sectors) meant that when the news broke, a number of app owners came our way looking for guidance. Our experience and growing portfolio makes us the perfect solution to clients left high and dry by Metaio’s acquisition.

Gravity Jack is a full-service American custom software design and development agency, headquartered in Liberty Lake, WA. Our flagship technology is augmented reality, but we also specialize in cutting-edge technologies such as, mobile apps, virtual reality (VR), visual search, and 360º video. We have created completely custom software solutions for names like Kraft Foods, Maroon 5, Boeing, Coca-Cola, TaylorMade Golf and more. Through these technologies, our expert team at Gravity Jack allows brands to engage with consumers with unprecedented success, through 3D experiences, gaming, polling, analytics and more.

So what AR platform is best?

After a great deal of exploration (and even creating our own platform!), we found that most of the time the best platform for us to develop on was Vuforia. We will always choose any technology on whatever we believe will work best for each, unique project. That said, we’ve worked to build an extremely open relationship with Vuforia that has since turned into Gravity Jack being named as one of Vuforia’s very few ‘Preferred Developers.’ With the Vuforia platform, we are capable of building amazingly cutting-edge and engaging applications for our customers. In addition to providing augmented reality applications, we often provide clients with a fully-custom content management system (CMS). With a CMS, you as the owner of the app, are in control if its content. Content updates live, without need for an update to your app in the app stores. Ultimately, this keeps your consumers engaged with fresh content, expanding your retention rate.

We can fix it!

If you were a current or potential Metaio customer, you came to the right place! Gravity Jack will prove to be the perfect alternate solution to meet your technological needs. It doesn’t matter what stage your project is in, Gravity Jack can help. We love hearing all ideas, and their potential for success. For more information on us please visit or email us at


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