iPhone 4 Review – 7 Key New Improvements Made

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Looking for some more information about the new iPhone 4? First up, the all new design and style. The iPhone 4 marks the very first revolutionary alteration ever since the iPhone first launched in 2007. Glass on the front and back and steel around the sides promises to give the iPhone 4 a truly unique look and feel. At 9.3mm thick, the iPhone 4 is also incredibly thin, 24% thinner than the iPhone 3GS.. Some other design and style alterations reveal a main camera with an LED flash (thank goodness for that!), a front facing camera, trendy volume settings and, in what Jobs states is a world first, an antenna that is part of the key structural element of the iPhone 4.
The next area we will look at is a feature that Apple are labelling Retina Display that is the brand new display screen technology used by the iPhone 4. A new 3.5-inch “Retina” IPS LCD display is going to be the norm for all future iPhone versions (including the iPhone 4) and can offer 326 pixels per inch with an overall resolution of 960 by 640. Exactly what does this implies? Well it has a higher resolution than any other mobile phone currently available on the market and is going to provide much sharper photographs and zoom feature.
Third, the iPhone 4 ıs going to be powered by A4 chip which is the same one used on the iPad is what will take your breath away. Among all the things it will do which are awesome, the thing you will really notice is that the power management feature it has is going to extend the battery life which has already been beefed up independently. Having 7 hours of call time is going to be nice without any doubt. The gyroscope is going to take gaming to a whole new level, but if you aren’t a gamer that won’t matter.
Next in the list is something Apple are very pleased with; the iPhone 4 has a built in gyroscope. This 3 axis gyro works in conjunction with the accelerometer and compass resulting in six axis which is ideal for gaming. Think the Wii and you’re going to get close. Jobs showed off this new feature by playing a game, which looked a bit like Jenga.
Apple’s latest features are coming thick and fast and number five is a big one. The primary digital camera is the subject of a “whole new camera system” – and it will be upgraded from three to five mps, the camera also features a backside illuminated sensor which increases the quality of images shot in low-light. It’s also a lot better for video footage, given that it’s carrying an HD-camera that will be able to shoot 720p at 30fps – what Apple is labelling real High definition
Feature six is one we are already acquainted with, the new iPhone OS 4. We are not going to go into too much depth right here, as this is a review of the mobile phone and not the software, nevertheless the high light of the newest version of iPhone OS will be a chance to run multiple programs simultaneously (multi-task). Plus whilst Apple themselves will happily tell you they weren’t the first to offer a multi-tasking smartphone, they are comfortable they managed to construct something that will not obliterate your battery. We’ll reserve judgement until we’ve had a go on the new iPhone Operating System.
Seven is another function we are already familiar with but one that’s exciting in any case; iBooks will be featured on the all new iPhone 4.
Ultimately, number eight is iAds. A tool designed to help developers earn money so that in turn they can drive down the cost of apps and offer a wider selection of free and low cost apps. iAds is kind of self explanatory; it automatically inserts advertising space into an app (providing the creator selects this option) and earns the developer added revenue from clicks and downloads. An odd feature to finish on from a customer point of view but one that is sure to have app developers drooling.
That’s it, are look at the new iPhone 4 and just a tiny review of some of the 100 extra features we’ll be enjoying in the coming months.

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Author: Barry Perkins


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