How To Make An App That Shows Your Product In 3D, Using Augmented Reality

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So you’d like it to show your product to people in 3D.

Perhaps your a brand looking to put your product in the hands of potential buyers, or just eager to help your sales team make a mind-blowing, lasting impression — or perhaps you’re a marketing agency, well aware of the widespread benefits that augmented reality and virtual product display brings to a campaign.

What do you mean, show my product in 3D?

Augmented reality changes the way that consumers, sales teams — pretty much anyone can experience your product. Watch the short video below, to see some of the latest (and awesome!) ways we’ve helped brands do just that!

Pretty cool! Brands are loving this stuff because, plain simply — it works. Really, really well. Whatever your reason for needing to show off your product, here’s a quick cheat sheet, outlining the steps you can take to start turning your ideas and needs — into a real, functioning reality.

Step 1: Capture your idea.

This may sound like a task — but honestly, this could look like a few bullet points scribbled on a notepad, a recent chart showing sales performance, or an email from a superior. Sure, if this isn’t your first rodeo, you may have a project scope, wireframes or even completed designs — but many of our clients (most, actually) come to us with just one question:

“We’ve been thinking…and, can you guys make ___________________ happen?”

You’ll be pleasantly surprised with our answer:

Yeah, we totally can! Keep your checkbook tucked away right now and let’s talk about it.

Here at Gravity Jack, we offer in-house creative direction, project management, design, development, and even release marketing for our clients. We aren’t worried about being able to deliver a quality product — but what we ARE interested in, right off the bat, is understanding your mission, the vision behind what you’re doing, and the goals you’re wanting to achieve. This affects the way that we approach, prioritize, and create your project. And, because design, development, project management and testing are all under the same roof (really just a few desks apart), when potential clients like you come to us, all that is needed to start the conversation is just an idea to fill the blank!

Step 2: Assess your project timeframe

One of the things that we’ll want to know during our first few conversations are your timeframe expectations for the project. A project needing to release publicly in 2 month’s time must be approached a bit differently than one, perhaps a year out. Timeframe often dictates the number of people that are needed to be assigned to your project (and therefore monthly cost, in some cases), in order to achieve complete design, development and testing for an on-time release.

We operate on an ‘agile’ development method. What that means for you, is that we bill monthly, and you essentially hire our development team, based on the time requirements for your project. Clients love agile development, because it allows you to add/change features if need be during development, as well as put as much or as little as you’d like towards your project at any time — even pause and continue later if need be! It is by far the most accommodating development model for clients of all shapes and sizes.

Step 3: Have a comfortable conversation with our team to nail down next steps!

Got your idea and needs? Got a timeframe in mind? You’re all set!

We recommend reaching out to us, using the real short form below (click here to jump down to the form). It provides us with the barebones information that we need in order to help answer your questions in our initial conversation!

Questions, before filling out the form? Feel free to send our team a message, using the simple box on the Contact page.


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