Help from Gravity Jack, Regarding Availability of the MushABellies® Mobile Game

Gravity Jack In the Press

In the recent days, Gravity Jack has received a number of questions regarding the MushABellies® product from Jay@Play International — particularly regarding the availability of the mobile gaming component, in the app stores.

We wanted to be the first to offer you some assistance. We trust the information below will be very helpful in resolving some of the questions stemming from this issue. Additionally, we’ve included some contact information for Jay@Play International and the ‘MushABelly’ brand, at the bottom of this page.

If for some reason, the information below does not help to clarify the situation, we, here at Gravity Jack, are happy to help in any way that we can, with the information available to us.

:: Who Is Gravity Jack? Do you own MushABellies®? ::

Gravity Jack is the third-party software development company, hired to create the MushABellies® mobile gaming application. We were hired by the owner and creator of the MushABelly brand, Jay@Play International. While we did create the application, Gravity Jack does not own the MushABellies® brand and does not control or reserve the right to speak on behalf of Jay@Play International.

Gravity Jack creates many kinds of software, including mobile apps and augmented reality — like the technology available in the MushABellies game. We operate on what is called a custom ‘agile’ software development model. This is a model that allows all of our clients an extremely high-level of creative input in the design and direction of their projects.

Gravity Jack clients own their project, according to our client contract agreement, and are free to change the creative vision and direction of the project at any time. This includes client discretion regarding when applications are delivered, publicly available and removed from app stores.

:: Why is the MushABellies® application currently unavailable in the App Store? What can I do about this? Who should I speak with regarding when and if it will be available again? ::

MushABellies® products, whether digital or resale goods, are owned by Jay@Play International. Accordingly, all decisions regarding the brand (including decisions regarding the public availability of MushABellies® software) are made by Jay@Play International. We encourage you to reach out to Jay@Play International at the information below, for the most up-to-date solution.

If you have general software questions about Gravity Jack and what our team is capable of creating, please feel free to pitch them to our team here, but we recommend directing all MushABelly questions to Jay@Play International, at the information below:

For your convenience, the following is public contact information, referenced from the website: (as of Jan 24, 2013).

:: Jay@Play International Customer Service:

Phone: 1-888-851-9440 (Monday-Friday, 9 AM-5 PM & Saturday, 9 AM-2 PM)

:: Jay@Play International Press Office with Contact Information:

Click Here to visit the Jay@Play International Press Office


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