Have an iPhone app? You need an iPad version…

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The new report from Distimo proves something I realized the minute I started using my iPad in real scenarios. If you have an iPhone app you need an iPad version of that app. 1 million units sold is no small number and now is the time to reach the top of the charts on the iPad since you are almost guaranteed free promotion from Apple if you take advantage of the new platforms features. Did I mention Gravity Jack writes iPad apps? 🙂

This monthly report focuses on the Apple App Store for the iPad and iPhone in the United States. The major findings are:
• The number of applications in the Apple App Store for iPad has grown to 4,870 since the release of the iPad on April 3rd. In the last two weeks alone, the number of iPad applications has grown by 32.7%.
• The largest application category on the iPad is Games with 1,577 titles (32%), followed by Entertainment and Books with 455 and 396 titles, respectively.
• Of the 186,414 applications in the Apple App Store for iPhone, 73% are paid, while 80% of the 4,870 applications in the Apple App Store for iPad are paid.
• An application in the Apple App Store for iPhone costs $3.82 on average, as opposed to $4.67 in the Apple App Store for iPad.
• On the Apple App Store for iPad, Medical and Finance applications are the most expensive at $42.11 and $18.48 on average, respectively. This is significantly more than the average price for applications in these categories on the Apple App Store for iPhone ($10.74 and $5.74).
You can download the report here.


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