Google vs Facebook

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So I was wondering which is cooler. Google Friend Connect or Facebook Connect… both are technologies that allow federated login for a site and attachment of social features you can use. For example I can log into some of my apps on my iPhone using my Facebook credentials and I never have to create a login specifically for that application.
Well the short answer I came too is maybe it doesn’t matter. I mean the entire world will be on Facebook soon and the same with Google – but for you people that need a bottom line here is a quick comparison:
Google: Easiest to implement, 110,000 sites use it, adding features all the time, more than one social network and open standard
Facebook: Easy to implement but you better be a coder, 15,000 sites use it, closed to anyone who isn’t a Facebook user, interacts with Facebook well
My recommendation?? USE BOTH 😉 A lot of sites are doing this and ultimately it is about the users.
Check out this article on VentureBeat


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