Elevate Your Company’s Data With Augmented Reality

We live in a data-driven world. As businesses and consumers, almost every decision we make is based on collected data. Whichever of the two categories you may fall into, it can be incredibly difficult to not only filter through the all of the data to find what is important, but also present it in an engaging way. An article about our recently completed project for the Port of Virginia brings this dilemma to the forefront and unveils augmented reality (AR) as a viable solution to the overwhelming “data dump”.

Prior to starting this project, we had no idea that the Port of Virginia is the largest mover of rail cargo on the east coast. That’s a big deal! To be number one in such a massive industry it is clear that customer service, efficiency, and innovation are all priorities. Building on those priorities and looking to expand their customer base even further, the Port of Virginia wanted to share this information with prospective clients without mindlessly clicking through a PowerPoint presentation.

That’s when they reached out to our team seeking a tool capable of harnessing all of the important statistics, facts, and benefits of shipping with the Port of Virginia and presenting it in a memorable experience. The end result was a private app that is completely unique to the Port of Virginia and their staff.

By incorporating AR, the Port of Virginia team equipped themselves with a one-of-a-kind presentation that PowerPoint, Prezi, or Keynote simply can’t compete with. Port of Virginia business developers are able to scan a seemingly basic brochure with a tablet, and have all of the benefits of shipping with the Port of Virginia come to life! Rich 3D animations of the ports’ expansions, increased capacity, video content, interactive shipping routes, and even 3D elements jump off of the tablet’s screen and into the room with those using the app. Regardless of the outcome of the meeting, the Port of Virginia team can walk away knowing they made a lasting impression.

The Port of Virginia app proves once and for all that data doesn’t have to be, nor should it be boring! So the next time you are racking your brain over whether the slide’s title should zoom in from the right or the left-hand side of the screen, put down the laser pointer and give us a call!


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