The Greatest Generation Foundation Brings WWII To Life In Experiential D-Day Mobile Augmented Reality Anniversary App

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The Denver-based non-profit, dedicated to honoring veterans, has partnered with Gravity Jack software development firm, to release an all-new augmented reality app that brings D-Day to life for its 70 year anniversary.

The Greatest Generation Foundation ( has released a free mobile app for iOS devices, developed by Washington-based firm Gravity Jack (, commemorating WWII’s famous ‘D-Day’ and the battles, stories and history that followed.

TGGF, a Denver-based organization, is rooted in the goal of breathing new life into the stories of valor, duty, honor and sacrifice for generations to come, through youth educational programs and corporate leadership initiatives.

The “D-Day: June 6, 1944” mobile application (available for free download on iPhone, via Apple’s App Store) was developed by American leader in custom software, Gravity Jack, and features a stunning new immersive technology called augmented reality. It is being released in commemoration of the 70 year anniversary of D-Day — the 1944 invasion of Allied troops against Nazi Germany, on the beaches of Normandy, France.

Augmented reality (or simply “AR”) technology allows for digital information — like war stories, videos, interviews (and even 3D models of planes, explosions and attacks) to be merged seamlessly within the real world around us. Users simply scan a real world object with a smartphone or tablet, and it acts as a trigger, unlocking rich media (and the immersive emotion it brings) instantly, right in front of the user. Gravity Jack is the leading American custom software firm, specializing in this explosive new technology.

The AR experience allows users to scan a commemorative edition map of Normandy, using the D-Day app. Once the device recognizes the map, a 3D experience begins, walking the user through each phase of the attack — complete with air attacks, beach landings, paratroopers and explosive artillery — all made soberingly real with cinematic special effects and audio. The “D-Day: June 6, 1944” app uses Qualcomm® Vuforia™, a software platform that enables apps to see and connect digital experiences to physical products.

“We are humbled to be a part of such a great and honorable vision. It’s really a privilege,” says Terry Hoy, Gravity Jack’s Senior Vice President and Director of Sales. “Today’s generations aren’t as aware of the very real sacrifice, courage and valor these troops showed in the name of justice and our country. To be able to bring these stories to them, using such an immersive, realistic experience is a privilege for us. Being able to immortalize these stories is priceless.”

As a part of this initiative, 700,000 of the large maps, triggering the experience are to be distributed to schools, organizations and veterans by TGGF — as 250,000 individuals prepare to make a commemorative trip back to Normandy, under the support of the United States Government and Queen Elizabeth.

Users who are interested in experiencing D-Day for themselves, may download the app for free from Apple’s App Store, and use a smaller, digital version of the map.

Those who are interested in learning more about The Greatest Generation Foundation, it’s efforts and support the cause financially, can do so by visiting

About Gravity Jack:
Gravity Jack is an American custom software design and development company, founded in Liberty Lake, WA in 2009. Specializing in mobile apps, augmented reality and visual search, Gravity Jack creates completely custom software solutions for names like Coca-Cola, TaylorMade Golf, Boeing, Live Nation, The Greatest Generation Foundation and many more. Through the creation of augmented reality, Gravity Jack allows brands to merge the physical world and the virtual world through 3D virtual product displays, e-commerce, polling, gaming, analytics and more. Learn more, and start your project at

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