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Why custom mobile apps, websites and more are a “get what you pay for” industry

The following is an edited version of an email we recently sent in response to a potential client of Gravity Jack. The business owner (we’ll call him Dave) approached us, asking:

“I noticed your minimum budget is $15,000 — ouch! Why so expensive? Do you take on projects smaller than that?”

This is a completely fair question, from Dave — and one that we get every now and then from first time software adventurers. As a team that countless clients trust for high-quality software, we wanted to take the time to address it openly and honestly!

For many of the potential clients that we speak with, it is their first time exploring custom software and a realization of the related costs.

Depending on the number of other teams that you’ve reached out to regarding your project, you may be aware (or surprised to learn) that Gravity Jack’s pricing is extremely reasonable, when it comes to agencies of our quality and expertise. Software — particularly the mobile market — is an increasingly competitive space for our clients to navigate, and one that requires a team of designers, developers, project managers and marketers who are experts in the industry (and see ourselves as your consultants — not just some dev chop shop). It might sound cliche — but we’re truly a team of people that flat out love coming alongside new partners to make stellar apps.

Our Pricing & Development Model

Statistics show that as high as 85% of custom projects that are started fail to launch. This unfortunately leaves many people with great ideas, years into a project, with nothing to show for it. With Gravity Jack, you get what you pay for — from a team that measures our success by yours.

Gravity Jack’s projects operate on a model that is called “agile.” Agile means that your project has a firm plan, strategy, etc. We work alongside you to help create this strategy, and then resource designers, developers and other specialists to your project. You pay for that time, as you would with any other service provider such as an attorney. What this does, is allow you to make any changes throughout the project and not have these changes affect other features or create logistical nightmares, common with fixed bid projects. We know, because some of our team have worked at other fixed bid places. 🙂

Finally and most importantly, we feel that transparency regarding the realities of your project is the only way to create an awesome relationship between us — and that begins with our pricing. While many shops may advertise low base prices, once all of the features that Gravity Jack considers standard are applied, their cost rises. If at any time during your project, there’s something going on that we don’t see helping your project be as successful as possible, we will (without a doubt) say it loud and clear (and also respectfully) 😉 — The same honesty goes into our cost!

You get a lot, with Gravity Jack

So, simply put: Software takes a lot. Our team prides itself on truly being the best when it comes to custom apps, and when you trust it to our team, you get just that — a lot. Design, development, project management, tools, dashboards, testing, marketing, user acquisition, analytics — the list goes on! If it’s reassuring, when all is said and done, not one client comes to mind who hasn’t been satisfied with what they got for their budget!

But what if it’s still too much?

We completely understand that it may just simply be outside your budget, and not a possible move. At Gravity Jack, we humbly encourage potential clients to shop around and go with whoever they feel their project will be most successful with. It’s what we hope every client feels for us when they choose our team — and what every project deserves. We don’t do this to be rude or cocky — but truly because we know how much we care for clients and the value that their budget brings their project when trusted to us. We know that if we dedicate 100% to being the best team we can be for you — those who do decide to hire Gravity Jack are sure to be happy!

If you’re interested in a customized quote from our team, just to see where things for your project idea stand, don’t hesitate to complete the contact form at the bottom of the page!


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