Colorado VR – Experience 15 Iconic Locations in 360º Video & Virtual Reality

The beauty and adventure of Colorado is something you can feel across every mile of the state.

From the powerful presence of the Rocky Mountains, down to a delicious sip of local craft beer. Sitting in the heart of this beauty is part of our very own Gravity Jack team, located in the RiNo Arts District of downtown Denver.

Here in Denver, we love where we live, work, and play — so much so, that we wanted to share all that Colorado has to offer with anyone, anywhere. Opening our new office here in Denver gave us the perfect excuse. That’s why, this past summer, our team set out on an adventure that would accomplish this mission. It’s called Colorado VR!

What Is Colorado VR?

Colorado VR is a free app that allows both iOS and Android users to take virtual adventures all around the state of Colorado. It gives users the opportunity to view up to 15 of Colorado’s most iconic locations.

Enjoy all of the same beautiful locations in high definition 360º video. Have a VR headset? Users can also enjoy the scenery of Colorado by putting their phone in a virtual reality headset, like a Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR for a next-level immersive experience.

What Places Can I Visit?

Once the app is downloaded, users will have a choice to hitch a virtual ride and drop themselves in the middle of 15 of Colorado’s most famed hot spots:

We are always working to add to new locations. If you have a recommendation for us, drop us a line at

The Story Behind Colorado VR

Since releasing Colorado VR just a short time ago, we often get asked, “This is totally free? What’s the inspiration behind the app?

We wanted to celebrate the fact that Gravity Jack as an entire company is growing. So much so that we’ve been fortunate enough to open an additional Denver office in April of 2015. We found a great location near downtown Denver alongside other great digital agencies. Being the new kids on the block, we wanted to find a way to introduce ourselves, showcase our skills and pay homage to the place we love. This inevitably lead us to our next reason for creating the app. Colorado is too beautiful not to share with the rest of the world!

Colorado attracts tourists from all over the place for a variety of reasons. Between the live music, epic skiing / snowboarding, and the scenic camping locations — there are a ton of activities to be a part of. It is our genuine hope that everyone in Colorado downloads the app, but we saw Colorado VR as an opportunity to give those who haven’t visited our state a chance do so!

For the creation of Colorado VR, Josh “Trout” Abel (our CEO — an avid fisherman) and our videographer, Shane, flew in from our headquarters in Spokane, Washington.

Once our team arrived, the tents, sleeping bags, and of course our 360º camera rig were all loaded up in the car. The state of Colorado is 380 miles long and 280 miles wide. We were able travel a large portion of that during our week long road trip.

Before we made our way into the high altitude switchbacks of the Rocky Mountains, we stopped in and captured some great footage from some of Colorado’s most popular cities. We wanted to make sure that places like Coors Field in Denver, Colorado State University in Fort Collins, and The Flatirons of Boulder were all part of our journey as they help make this state the wonderful destination that it is.

As usual, the beautiful mountains of Colorado didn’t disappoint. The team was able to camp under the clear night skies and wake up in the morning to get footage from locations like Maroon Bells and Bear Lake. Since we were already up there, we dropped into world-famous Aspen to capture it’s beautiful scenery.

In the end, Colorado VR was more than just a great way to celebrate our Denver office and the beauty of the state. It was an opportunity to have the entire team from both Washington and Colorado collaborate on a passion project. From telling stories around the campfire to designing the layout and flow within the app itself, the entire team embraced the idea.

After downloading the app, we highly recommend visiting us at or and giving us your input on the app! This includes recommending new scenic locations or even reaching out to us about the possibility of putting your business in the app. We also plan on adding new locations often, so be sure to continually check-in with us! Who knows?

There is a strong possibility of us taking recommendations for locations in the state of Washington, if you catch our drift. 😉


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