What It’s Like Campaigning For A Game

Campigning for a game: WarTribe of Binyamin

You may have noticed that our StartEngine campaign said there are only a few days left to invest, but we’re drawing inspiration from the famous Wolf of Wall Street scene and shouting in our best Leonardo DiCaprio voice, “We’re not leaving StartEngine!” That’s right, our campaign is getting extended and the show goes on! That means you can follow all of the fun and excitement for a while longer. Not a slow day has gone by since we began this journey, and all the behind-the-scenes hustle and bustle has several people wondering “What’s it like campaigning for a game?” And we here at Gravity Jack aim to please, so join us as we pull back the curtain for a small peek into campaigning for the futuristic, augmented reality-focused, and AI-driven mobile game, WarTribe of Binyamin.

If you are reading this and aren’t familiar with WarTribe of Binyamin, we would like to go ahead and say welcome, and most importantly, we hope that the rock you’ve been living under doesn’t leave a mark 😉 . In all seriousness, we’re glad to have you and there is some amazing literature to fill you in on the subject if you click here, here, and here. Now, back to the question at large, “What’s it like campaigning for a game?”

Campigning for a game: WarTribe of Binyamin

In short, it’s a vibrant hustle where we wear our passion for gaming like a badge of honor, dedicating every waking moment to captivating the public’s attention — whether it’s emails, global travel, interviews, or beyond!

“Ah, the fascinating allure of the inbox,” said no one ever. However, it’s the starting point of our campaigning. Crafting emails that pop, not just in terms of color but in content too, is an art form. Every word is meticulously chosen based on a specific audience. Emails to friends and family are going to be different from emails to investors, and those emails are going to be different from those sent to augmented reality enthusiasts. Every sentence is crafted to convey not just the essence of our game but the sheer excitement we feel about it as a company. Creating these digital love letters about our game is like composing a symphony, each note a call to action, every paragraph an invitation to join our adventure. 

If these emails hit their target as intended, they will likely land interviews — of which our founders have done several, including a recent chat with XR Today. Interviews during the campaign present pivotal moments that allow us to showcase the essence and vision of both Gravity Jack as a whole and WarTribe of Binyamin. These sessions serve as platforms to delve deeper into the game’s innovation, its groundbreaking features, and the unique experience the AI and AR tech will offer players. 

Whether conducted virtually or in person, these interviews are opportunities to articulate the intricate details of the game, like mechanics, lore, and behind-the-scenes technology for gaming enthusiasts and potential investors alike.

Another component of promoting the game has been travel. That’s right, we went global, baby! Sharing our vision around the world has played a pivotal role in amplifying investment opportunities and enhancing the exposure of WarTribe of Binyamin. We’ve been lucky enough to get directly in front of potential investors, gaming enthusiasts, and industry experts. These face-to-face interactions foster deeper connections and understanding, enabling us to showcase the game’s innovative elements and discuss its potential impact within the gaming landscape.

Travel during our campaign is not just about covering geographical distances; it’s an instrumental tool for building relationships, expanding reach, understanding diverse gaming ecosystems, and ultimately laying the groundwork for successful investment opportunities and heightened exposure for WarTribe of Binyamin.

From Singapore to Amsterdam and back to Singapore, our founders have already gained much more than investor interest through their travels. They are equipped with valuable insights into regional preferences and trends within the gaming industry. This knowledge is instrumental in fine-tuning our strategies, tailoring marketing approaches, and adapting the game to resonate effectively with different demographics and markets. It’s a dynamic process that leverages the cultural nuances and preferences of various regions, ultimately strengthening our position in the global gaming landscape. 

If WarTribe of Binyamin is anything, it’s a global game.

Most importantly, through this exhilarating expedition, one thing has become abundantly clear: there is an infectious enthusiasm and support from you, our community. Your encouragement fuels our determination and motivates us to push forward into the next era of gaming. The best part? The adventure has only just begun! We’re nowhere close to finished yet and we’re so glad you’re along for the ride. Let’s change the game together!


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