browsAR 3.0 – Now Available, Free in the App Store and Google Play!

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September 17, 2012 – Liberty Lake, WA

Big news from the Gravity Jack headquarters! browsAR 3.0, the third release of our flagship mobile augmented reality browser application has been finally released, and is available now for free download in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. browsAR features a complete redesign as well as some awesome new features.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a new technology that allows your mobile device to view hidden digital information (like videos, music, photos, social media, polls, and more!) right in the real world. Imagine holding up your smartphone or tablet to a movie poster. Instantly, the trailer for the film begins playing, hovering over the movie poster. View a new condominium development and instantly see available listings. Scan the crowd at a concert, and see realtime Facebook or Twitter posts hovering in the air, right where they were posted. This technology promises to only continue to grow and expand in the coming years! Give it a shot, with browsAR today.

What is browsAR?

browsAR is your mobile lens to the world of augmented reality. There is hidden information all around us, floating in mid-air, hovering over graphics, and more. browsAR is the single solution, allowing you to both create and see AR. Simply launch browsAR on your device, choose your lens from the menu at the bottom of your screen, and view the world around you. Don’t forget to use browsAR to create your own AR or post to your Facebook in AR space too!

All-New Features Include:

  • Visual Search: The next step in augmented reality technology is here. Instead of relying on markers or QR codes, Visual Search now allows you to create and view amazing AR content, using any image in the world. Train your corporate logo to show a video, a movie poster or a DVD cover to show film trailers. Whether for marketing or personal use, do it all, completely free!
  • Social Interaction: In perhaps the most exciting feature ever, we’ve given you the ability to post in augmented reality space. Login using your Facebook credentials and post your photos, videos, or status updates wherever you are, without the use of markers! Scan the world around you to see recommendations from your Facebook friends hovering over restaurants, photos from a concert or even videos from a fund-raising event, all posted in augmented reality geo-space. It’s a whole new approach to social media, allowing you to truly share experiences with anyone you choose.
  • AR Media Player: Use Gravity Jack’s patented Quick Augmented Reality (QAR) codes to trigger and view fully-interactive multimedia like videos, 3D characters, buttons to websites, social media and more!
  • Weather: Augmented Reality is all about experiencing the world around you. As part of our beautiful new interface, get local information about where you are right now. This information is presented in a subtle, aesthetic way so you can keep right on scanning!

Who is Gravity Jack?

Gravity Jack is an augmented reality (AR) software development company that was founded in Liberty Lake, Washington in 2009. Through the creation of the browsAR app, Gravity Jack’s teams of elite developers merge the physical and virtual worlds with 3D and augmented content. Gravity Jack has created AR marketing campaigns for brands such as Bowflex, Jay@Play, MySpace and Coca-Cola. Gravity Jack also creates and develops custom mobile, web, and desktop software solutions. Download the free browsAR app from the App Store & Google Play.

Experience the all browsAR 3.0, now!


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