Augmented reality software programming

Gravity Jack In the Press

You are going to start hearing a lot about augmented reality, more importantly you are going to start hearing a lot about it from us here at Gravity Jack. Our core business model is built around some important advancements in the AR space for developers like you.
2010 is the year for augmented reality, if you are not on the bandwagon yet; check out these video’s, in the next few months we will show you why augmented reality is web 3.0 as we help developers all around the world connect the dots of moving AR from gimmick to commerce.


  • Snapchat Lens Provides New AR Advertising Opportunities
    Snapchat recently made a significant announcement that is set to shake up the world of digital advertising. The popular social media platform is now offering augmented reality (AR) advertising opportunities...
    We will be the first to admit it. Augmented reality (AR) was a novelty –WAS being the imperative word here. The year was 2009, Gravity Jack was founded, words like...
  • Why WebAR Is Better For Your Business
    Augmented reality may be a powerful tool to engage customers, enhance marketing efforts, and drive sales, but many businesses can’t afford to front the cost of a custom AR application....