Augmented Reality Demo

Gravity Jack In the Press

So the team worked up a pretty quick AR demo that has my car in it. The wonderful Dodge Challenger in all black of course.
It is a rough example, and pretty sweet in that they even did a quick physics engine to mimic the Toyota demo. You can drive Jack’s car on a piece of paper. YEAH! The better the camera the better this demo works.
– Jack
Things you need:
A.      Windows computer
B.      Web Cam
The general use case is as follows…
1.       Download the file
2.       Unzip it
3.       Run setup.exe(The application will install)
4.       Look Under programs -> Gravity Jack -> Augmented Reality Demo -> Click “Marker” and print the marker on your printer.
5.       Run the program.   Programs -> Gravity Jack -> Augmented Reality Demo -> Click ARDemo
6.       You will be allowed to select from the resolutions your web cam supports.
7.       You will see a welcome page and click to learn more about AR.
8.       Your web cam will fire up and you will see yourself on the screen
9.       Hold the marker you printed up to the web cam and you will see the 3D asset appear and you can interact with the asset by tilting the paper.