Augmented Reality In The Construction Industry

From the architecture involved in the development of city infrastructures, down to the assembly of the furniture sitting in your bedroom, construction is a constant part of our everyday lives.

With an industry as old as time, yet so ingrained in nearly everything we do today, it begs the question: What’s coming next? What are the advancements that are happening today that will create the future of the construction industry?

Tools are becoming more efficient, machinery is becoming more powerful and blueprints are becoming more elaborate as the trends and needs of the public change. The evolution of the construction industry has been vastly growing throughout the years, and as a team that supports some of the biggest names across a wide range of industrial applications, we’re excited about what’s happening in construction.

Adroit has unlocked a unique and powerful capability across the industry. It allows the seamless integration of the tools, machinery and blueprints / strategic plans embedded in a project together — all thanks to the power of augmented reality (AR).

In construction when there is a problem to solve, crews must reference either the directions provided or discuss the solution with a foreman or leader on the job site. While these avenues are critical to the success of a project, here at Gravity Jack, we’re reducing the number questions by equipping sites with augmented reality enabled instructions on a wearable helmet or even a tablet or phone. When the amount of mistakes or questions are reduced, both efficiency and safety increase.

For simplicity sake, let’s begin with how AR can improve a simple ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) project, and work our way up the ladder (see what we did there?) as we go.

Construction At Home

Whether it’s large or small, we’ve all had the instance where a seemingly fun DIY project ends in wasted time, money and effort on a Saturday. Maybe you’ve even found yourself in the middle of a resulting argument between you and your partner. It doesn’t need to be this way. Here is why.

Augmented reality can show you how your potential project will look, when finished before you even need to go to the store. A shelf, desk, or crib can all be placed in the room in the perfect location before construction begins. There is no need to worry about if it will fit or if its look will match the other decorations in the house. Everything is presented in lifesize 3D, placed precisely in the actual surrounding.

Once the furniture is decided on and delivered to your home, AR presents step-by-step instructions. The proper tools, screws and the placement of each will be laid out in front of you ensuring that no mistake can be made. We’ve all gotten to the final step, only to realize the second piece was put on backwards. Adroit technology will tell if anything has been assembled incorrectly and raise a red flag immediately. Simply put, Adroit saves time, headaches and…perhaps a few potential arguments. 😉

So we’ve got peace at home — let’s find peace of mind on a larger, industrial scale.

Large Scale Construction & Augmented Reality

Much like in our recent blog about Augmented Reality in the Oil & Gas Industry, safety on a construction site is a major priority. We believe that many of the AR solutions that we create on a daily basis are applicable to a wide range of industries — construction being no exception. If safety is major a concern for you and your industry we highly recommend also reading our ideas in that post!

Aside from safety, there are several dynamics that go into the successful completion of a large-scale construction project. One example: the beams that support the foundation of the building. Each beam is required to be cut at a specific length and placed perfectly so they can be welded together.

AR understands the specs of any job, at a granular level. It provides builders with the exact length of the beams that are needed for specific portion of the building, while also showing them where precisely they should be cut — all within a seamless field of view. Adroit plays the role of a virtual, large scale and ever-present tape measure, without having to reference the blueprints. The blueprints are lifted from the table (or your truck’s tailgate) and displayed beautifully precisely wherever you are. Adroit-powered headwear can even show the welders (to go back to our example) precisely where their welds should be placed.

If your job is operating machinery, augmented reality can be a major help as well. Sitting in a crane several stories up can seem like a daunting task, no matter how experienced you are. Picking up the right product and placing it in the proper place usually requires some guidance from the ground level (cue the whistles, hand signals and shouts). Adroit brings a great deal of precision to the mix. For example, the ability to tell crane operators what the content of each package are, how much it weighs, and where it’s supposed to go all within the cabin of their machine.

This information can be displayed through a headset so the operator can keep his hands on the equipment and focus on the task at hand. The augmented reality capabilities could even provide information on the perfect trajectory points to haul product for maximum efficiency and perfect placement.

Why Adroit?

As the need for new homes, roads, and buildings increase, so will the need for efficiency and safety on the job site. Adroit and augmented reality can cut down on the time and money that are involved in the construction industry — not to mention saving lives. The inevitable questions that are asked will be reduced, while also reducing the risk of having to do something over again.

If you believe that Adroit can help your industry, our team would love to get a dialogue started. Simply visit our contact us page, and someone on our team will be in touch as soon as possible.


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