Augmented Reality and Oreos :: Will AR Help You Lose Weight?

Gravity Jack In the Press

The eyes are bigger than the stomach…as the saying goes.

New goggles have been developed by researchers in Japan that utilize AR to deceive the wearer into eating less. These diet goggles use a shape-altering algorithm to make food appear to be larger than it actually is in relation to the wearer’s hand, tricking the brain into feeling full sooner. Ironically, this only currently works with round objects, like cookies and doughnuts. A study showed that when the cookies were made to look 50% bigger, volunteer test subjects ate 10% less, while they ate 15% more when the cookies looked two-thirds smaller.
10% really isn’t that much of a difference if you’re just using the goggles to eat cookies and doughnuts; however, every little bit counts to a couch potato. The researchers say that they hope to expand the technology in the future to include foods of other shapes.
Did we mention that these incredibly fashionable goggles cost over $700 dollars? You can buy more than 156 packages of Oreo cookies for that kind of money!
Do you think that diet goggles are a good use of AR? Do you think they will replace traditional dieting and exercise? Would you ever rock a pair of these goggles with your morning coffee and doughnut?
Check out this video, and tell us what you think!
Augmented Reality Diet Goggles on YouTube