The 2018 AWE Augmented Reality Awards (Auggies) are here and we need your votes to help our nominated projects get recognition! We promise it will only take you 30 seconds (unless you are still rocking 56k dial-up internet) and the voting ends May 17th, so we need to act fast!

Below you will find that we have highlighted each project that is up for an award and under what category it is nominated in. Please feel free to share this with anyone who owns a computer, smartphone, tablet, or a wrist for that matter! Without further ado, let the voting begin! 

The Port Of Virginia
The Great Oreo Cookie Quest
World of Tanks (Sturmtiger Bovington Tank Museum)
World of Tanks (T-44 Vs. Stuka AR App)

Every year, the crew at AWE not only showcases, but awards the best apps, campaigns, and hardware in the augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality industries during an event called the Auggies. Similar to years past, there are a few of Gravity Jack’s recently completed projects that are up for nomination. Unlike past years, we have decided to make the voting process incredibly painless for all who follow us.

Before you go, we want to thank you for taking a moment out of your day to help recognize the hard work our team puts into these projects. We are also extremely grateful for your support through all of our endeavors. Between our amazing clients, friends, family, and even those who are just simply interested in our technology we have an incredible support system!

Alright, that’s enough of this mushy stuff — go enjoy your day and SHARE THIS POST BY USING THE LITTLE BLACK BUTTON BELOW!


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