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Wind approached Gravity Jack, wanting to provide users with a glimpse into the future of what it it will be like to ride in a real self-driving car. Together, we came up with the perfect solution: An all-new, custom mobile app for iOS and Android, featuring a virtual reality simulation of autonomous driving.

The Wind River self-driving car virtual reality experience is compatible with nearly any VR headset, including Google’s Cardboard, Daydream, Samsung Gear VR and many others. Strap your headset on, sit back and watch as Wind River imagines the near future. Take a look around, as your car navigates alternate routes through construction, checks your calendar, and even turns on the lights in your home as you pull into the driveway.


Wind: An Intel Company

  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development


Mobile App

Deliver dynamic content to customers in new and exciting ways

Virtual Reality

Immersive gaming experiences leveraging Oculus Quest, Vive, and others!

Custom Animations

Putting any process or procedure in a VR Environment

Mobile Design

Complimentary mobile designs that are compatible with numerous mobile devices and browsers

Motion Graphics

Text and character animations that come to life within the project

360º Video

Immersive spherical video of existing locations that can be placed in VR


Long before Tesla’s were common, Gravity Jack and client had to brainstorm, what will the car of the future look like? Together, we developed a mobile app that leverages virtual takes users on a joy in a completely autonomous vehicle. This was the entire process:



A process of identifying and organizing content.


Planning the rough layout and structure of the site’s pages.


Applying the styles to the wireframes to achieve the final design.


Building the website with modern coding techniques.


Identifying and fixing any bugs in the code on multiple devices and screen sizes.


Setting up your site on a hosting service or packaging up the code and handing it over to you!


For this project, Gravity Jack setup a 360º video camera within a car. From there, we began
recording as we drove all throughout our home base of Spokane, WA. As we were driving we made a point to drive through areas that everyday drivers incur such as construction, parking lots, driveways, and even heavy traffic. This way, we could get all of the necessary footage of how a car of the future will handle these scenarios.

Once all of the necessary 360º footage was recorded, we took the film back to the office and stitched it together to create one cohesive VR experience. To take the project to the next level, Gravity Jack overlaid custom 2D artwork and animations throughout the experience to give the impression that the car was equipped with a smart windshield that could show the time, weather, traffic conditions, and other information we normally use our phones for. Additionally, Gravity Jack added a voiceover that acts as a copilot to the driver to inform them of calendar notifications and traffic conditions. With all of these elements combined, app users could simply sit back and relax as they view the future of autonomous driving.


Gravity Jack designed and developed custom artwork and animations to create their own “smart windshield” of the future


Movements that bring 2D & 3D art to life


As a leading innovator of technological solutions, Wind wanted to give consumers insight into the type of developments their technology will be capable of in the near future. To make this happen, they partnered with Gravity Jack to create a virtual reality application that takes users on a ride inside a futuristic vehicle with seemingly unlimited accommodations.

The Goal

Create an environment that puts users in the driver’s seat of a futuristic vehicle that has all of the bells and whistles promised by autonomous cars.

Gravity Jack’s Solution

Develop a dual platform mobile application that leverages VR technology that makes users feel as if they are actually in the driver’s seat of a self-driving vehicle.

The Result

A VR experience that can be enjoyed with or without a VR headset. Users are able to move 360º to get a real feeling that they are on the inside of the car and can watch as animations come across the windshield as the car navigates itself.