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The team at Oscar Mayer routinely gets asked two questions. Where is the Wienermobile? And can I ride in it? Wanting to keep fans of the famed vehicle in the loop, Oscar Mayer reached out to Gravity Jack to create a mobile application focused on all things Wienermobile. To answer the first question, where is the Wienermobile? App users can select the Wienermobile events tab to see where and when it will be nearest to them. Additionally, users can pan their device around to find a Wienermobile floating in augmented reality space which shows users how to navigate to events near them.

The next step for the application was putting fans in the passenger seat of the Wienermobile. To accomplish this, Gravity Jack filmed and developed a 360º video experience where users go for a ride along in the Wienermobile in virtual reality! Users can experience this VR experience via a Google Cardboard headset or simply by moving their phone around without a headset. To take the Wienermobile application to the next level, Gravity Jack also created an experience that allows users to park the Wienermobile in their very own driveway using AR technology. Gravity Jack also created a custom Wienermobile video game where users race against the clock as they drive the vehicle through a series of obstacles. When complete, Gravity Jack developed an all inclusive Wienermobile mobile application for iOS and Android devices that satisfied hot doggers of every level.


Oscar Mayer

  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development


Mobile Apps

Deliver dynamic content to customers in new and exciting ways

Augmented Reality

Place digital experiences within a real-world environment

Virtual Reality

Complete immersion in a custom digital environment


Provide specific information based on the user’s location

Backend Framework

Enables the client to easily update details within the app

Game Development

End-to-end gaming solutions that follow the latest trends and best practices


After the initial release and positive feedback of the Wienermobile mobile gaming and AR experiences, Oscar Mayer turned back to Gravity Jack to add new features to the application. The next release of the application then included the technology of virtual reality where users could sit in the front seat of the Wienermobile and go for a ride.



Puts us in the shoes of a potential user to make informed decisions about the functionality and flow of the project.


The blueprints of a project that put the design and development teams on the same page prior the development


Integrating branding, style guides, and more to give the project cohesive look and feel


Development begins with the architecture of the project with integration tests help verify that all software is written based on the project requirements


A test plan is created where the project is tested at each development milestone and again multiple times upon competition to ensure a seamless experience


Working alongside the client, a process is established to launch the project based on the intended audience. The code is then packaged up and provided to the client!


The development of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile app for iOS and Android featured four main experiences. Each experience showcased Gravity Jack’s ability to develop a mobile app that caters to a wide range of needs.

  1. Ride in the Wienermobile – Virtual Reality (VR) Google Cardboard Experience: This solution allows any user with the mobile app to saddle up and go for a ride as a member of Oscar Mayer’s Hotdogger team. The use of Google Cardboard not only provided an amazingly immersive VR experience, but also made the experience accessible to anyone. To make this happen, Gravity Jack rigged the Wienermobile with a 360º video camera and went for a ride. Even without a headset this experience can be enjoyed by allowing users to move their phone in any direction within the VR scene.
  2. ‘WhereMyDogs@’ Augmented Reality (AR) Wienermobile Event Map: Now, nobody has to wonder when or where the Wienermobile will make an appearance! Users simply launch this in-app feature to view a map with their location and the nearest Hotdogger event to them. Users tap an event to view additional details, add the event to their personal calendar and even get directions to the location. The AR scanner feature allows users to pan the world around them, using their device’s camera and instantly see floating Wienermobiles in the sky, wherever the closest events are scheduled.
  3. ‘Park It’ Photobomb Experience: For those wanting the Wienermobile to make an appearance at their event, office or even their very own driveway, this one’s for you. The ‘Park It’ feature allows users to place a 3D Wienermobile rendering anywhere around them – complete with rotation, size and placement controls. Once the Wienermobile is perfectly placed, users can capture a photo and share it to social media.
  4. Drive The Wienermobile: In a race against time, users take the Wienermobile around the United States in a mobile gaming experience. Fueled by bacon strips, cold cuts, and more, the Wienermobule must avoid obstacles, turns and cliffs in its adventures.


Gravity Jack was through in the mobile design so that the application could transition from augmented to virtual reality experiences seamlessly.

Mobile Design

Complimentary mobile designs that are compatible with numerous mobile devices and browsers


Gravity Jack helped Oscar Mayer provide solutions to their fans’ two biggest questions. Where is the Wienermobile? Can I ride in it? Using augmented reality and virtual reality, users can digitally track the Wienermobile and ride shotgun in the famed vehicle anytime, anywhere.

The Goal

Increase Oscar Mayer sales at visited partner stores and raise awareness of the Wienermobile tour, through the design and implementation of modern, cutting-edge and fun ways for consumers to engage and experience the Wienermobile and Oscar Mayer brand, both during and following ‘hot-dogger’ experiences.

Gravity Jack’s Solution

Design and develop a mobile Oscar Mayer experience for Apple and Android devices that will feature a gaming component, incentives and cutting-edge augmented reality and virtual reality concepts, developed fully custom for the Oscar Mayer brand.

The Result

A Wienermobile-themed promotional tool in the form of a mobile application. As a result Oscar Mayer boosted brand recognition through press and media, connected fans to the Wienermobile, and built upon their existing community.