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Whoever said you can’t play games at the dinner table definitely hasn’t tried Table Games from KraftHeinz! Deploying their flagship technology of augmented reality, Gravity Jack developed a 9 hole mini-golf experience that gets the whole family in on the fun at the restaurant. Developed for both Apple and Android devices, users scan a bottle of KraftHeinz A1 Steak Sauce to unlock a mini-golf gaming experience directly on top of their dinner table. Allowing up to four players, users can compete against each other to see who can finish the hole in the fewest strokes.

Additionally, the Table Games AR experience includes the ability to earn badges where users can unlock new and exciting golf courses and play for weekly prizes. No A1 Bottle? No problem. Table Games allowed users to play courses 1-3 at home without scanning a bottle. However, unlocking holes 4 – 9 required scanning select products and/or earning a variety of badges achieved through gameplay. To help market the experience, Gravity Jack also developed a micro website where KraftHeinz could send potential users to learn about Table Games and all of the prizes available to win.



  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • HTML/CSS Web Page


Augmented Reality

Place digital experiences within a real-world environment

Mobile App

Deliver dynamic content to customers in new and exciting ways

3D Development

Realistic 3D artwork that can be viewed from any angle

Web Development

Creation of an online presence that is unique to the project

Game Development

End-to-end gaming solutions that follow the latest trends and best practices

Object Detection

Ability to scan and recognize any real-world object


For this project, Gravity Jack was responsible for concepting, designing, and developing all 9 holes for the AR-based mini-golf game. Additionally, the Gravity Jack implemented over 20 badges that can be earned through game play. Combining all of these elements into one seamless experience required a large amount of ideation and organization throughout the entire process.



Puts us in the shoes of a potential user to make informed decisions about the functionality and flow of the project.


The blueprints of a project that put the design and development teams on the same page prior the development


Integrating branding, style guides, and more to give the project cohesive look and feel


Development begins with the architecture of the project with integration tests help verify that all software is written based on the project requirements


A test plan is created where the project is tested at each development milestone and again multiple times upon competition to ensure a seamless experience


Working alongside the client, a process is established to launch the project based on the intended audience. The code is then packaged up and provided to the client!


Do you think you could get a hole in 1? Gravity Jack conceptualized, designed, and developed the following mini-golf holes to be played in augmented reality.

  1. Freeway Frenzy: A realistic highway that veers off into different directions, but only one leads to the hole — all with cars driving on them.
  2. Prop Plane: Try to get the golf ball from one wing of a flying plane to the other. Careful, there are no bumpers on the wings and wind will play a factor.
  3. A1 Volcano: Hit the ball into a volcano to make it erupt. The user’s ball emerges from the volcano amongs A1 lava in a randomized location in or around the hole.
  4. Industrial Factory: Hit the ball through conveyor belts, churning gears, and more to try and get the ball near the hole.
  5. Moon Mission: Trying to get the ball in the hole near a NASA spaceship may sound easy, but users must account for not only craters and valleys, but incoming meteors and martians!
  6. Pirate Ship: Get the ball through the ship’s wheel for a hole in one. However, if the wheel is hit the ball could end up at the bottom of the ship or rolling off the plank.
  7. Underwater Adventure: Hit the ball through a scuba suit at the bottom of the ocean to try and unlock long lost treasure.
  8. Suspension Bridge: This hole is pretty simple. Get a hole in 1 on the other side of the bridge, or roll into the water below.
  9. Dinner Table: Dodge all of the items normally found on a dinner table to try and get a hold in one. Split the salt and pepper shakers, time the water glass leaving the table, and look out for the falling ketchup bottle!
  10. Custom Course: Use the actual items on the dinner table to create your own hole!


Outside of the mini-golf game, Gravity Jack designed and incorporated individual badges and coins. The badges were earned through game play such as making a hole in 1. Coins were earned through the scanning of KraftHeinz products. Both badges and coins were stored in a user’s profile.

Extra Graphics

As part of the project’s marketing efforts, Gravity Jack developed additional assets to help promote the mobile app in a variety of ways


Table Games could be played in augmented reality or in just a standard gaming mode — both of which supported landscape and portrait orientation of the mobile device.


Complimentary mobile designs that are compatible with numerous mobile devices and browsers


With the help of Gravity Jack, KraftHeinz delivered a whole new take on the dining experience to consumers. With a simple scan of an A1 Steak Sauce bottle, users unlocked an augmented reality mini-golf game that could be played right on the dining table! With holes only having holes 1-3 available on the initial scan, users had to earn badges to play the rest of the course.

The Goal

Create a digital experience for the entire family that incorporates KraftHeinz’s A1 steak sauce while consumers are dining at participating restaurants.

Gravity Jack’s Solution

Use the A1 bottle as a marker to unlock an augmented reality mini-golf gaming experience. Have the game allow for up to 4 players to compare scores while also encouraging the users to achieve badges to unlock different mini-golf adventures.

The Result

A dynamic mobile application that supports both Apple and Android devices where users can play up to 9 completely original holes of mini-golf within an AR space. Users were able to collect badges and coins in their profile for completing specific tasks while playing mini-golf. Additional features included the ability to win prizes by scanning select bottles of A1 — all of which Gravity Jack developed a custom web page to support KraftHeinz’s marketing efforts.