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Known as the intersection of innovation and community, the Dell EMC World in Las Vegas is a conference that showcases the latest trends in the technology sector. As attendees entered the conference space, they were met by twenty-four towering LED structures, arching 20 feet overhead. In the center, a 6-foot model of a city was shown, with projection-mapped content on each side.

To take the LED structures to the next level, Gravity Jack was asked to develop an Augmented Reality experience with the theme of “Experience Future-Ready.” Attendees were then able to take a tablet around the structure and scan markers that would prompt exclusive AR content on how their personal and business lives are already being ‘future-proofed.’ The AR experience covered topics such as wearables, IoT, health and fitness, and several other topics that the development of futuristic software will impact. The overall experience took the already forward-thinking EMC Conference to the next level by providing its visitors with a custom AR experience.

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Android App Development


Augmented Reality

Place digital experiences within a real-world environment

Android Development

Custom software Android and Google products

Custom Software

Code development specific to the project’s needs

3D Development

Realistic 3D artwork that can be viewed from any angle

Object Detection

Ability to scan and recognize any real-world object

On-Site Production

Travel based on the project’s needs to capture any necessary data


With the event taking place in Las Vegas, Gravity Jack developed the app’s ability to recognize objects in the office and then traveled on-site to test the experience and engage with the event’s attendees.



A process of identifying and organizing content.


Planning the rough layout and structure of the site’s pages.


Applying the styles to the wireframes to achieve the final design.


Building the website with modern coding techniques.


Identifying and fixing any bugs in the code on multiple devices and screen sizes.


Setting up your site on a hosting service or packaging up the code and handing it over to you!


Once the app’s overall functionality is established, it’s time to start mapping out how all of the features tie into one another. The wireframes establish the journey of every single action (such as tapping a button) that the entire app has to offer.


The blueprints of a project that put the design and development teams on the same page prior the development


Gravity Jack developed a private app for Android devices that unlocked exclusive content to those attending the EMC World in Las Vegas.


UI/UX development for mobile devices with larger screen sizes


Truly making Dell’s EMC Conference “Future Ready” Gravity Jack was able to deliver an augmented reality experience that engaged users the moment they entered the event. Users were able to walk around the large LED structures found at the and unlock tons of content with a simple scan of a tablet.

The Goal

Keeping the theme “Future Ready” Dell wanted to create a tradeshow experience that caught EMC attendee’s attention from the moment they walked into the event.

Gravity Jack’s Solution

Develop a mobile application that incorporates augmented reality technology alongside the giant LED structure that is the centerpiece of the conference.

The Result

An exclusive AR app educating attendees about how their lives are being ‘future-proofed through wearables, IoT, health and fitness, and several other advancements in software development.


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