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The design and development of Carbon12 Cryptocurrency is Gravity Jack’s signature Web3 project. Forum12, a team of Faith-based futurists, approached Gravity Jack, seeking their years of experience in the digital space to help them create the first-ever cryptocurrency tailored to impacting the planet and people on a macro and micro level. Carbon12 ($C12) is unlike most other cryptocurrencies — presenting a unique set of challenges that Gravity Jack gladly embraced.

Gravity Jack created the crypto on the Ethereum Blockchain and wrote the smart contract in Solidity. After creation, testing, and auditing it was deployed to a Uniswap pool and is live trading.

On top of all the Web3 development, Gravity Jack assisted the Forum12 team in curating a name, logo design, and website for the project.


Forum 12

  • Ethereum Blockchain
  • Solidity
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop



Coin research and development that can be applied to a variety of industries


A smart and secure backend that legitimizes transactions


Ability to link a number of crypto-based wallets

Web Development

Creation of an online presence that is unique to the project

Logo Design

Establish a look customers recognize

Naming Services

Working to gether to name your brand, product, or service.


Coming to Gravity Jack with simply a concept for a cryptocurrency designed for Christians, Gravity Jack quickly got to work providing the client with market research in terms of branding and naming the token. While the Carbon12 guidelines were being established, the development team set their sights on creating the characteristics of the tokenomics — including the blockchain.



A questionaire to identifiy different touchpoints and vital information to craft the brand.


Planning the rough layout and structure of the site’s pages.


Applying the styles to the wireframes to achieve the final design.


A smart and secure backend that legitimizes transactions


Defining the characteristics of the cryptocurrency and the protocol related to the overall supply of Carbon12.


Finalized the whitepaper for the client while also developing a website that allows for transactions of the Carbon12 token.


The purpose of Carbon12 is to create a parallel economy in which Christians spearhead the development of a currency that is completely unique. Forum12’s vision for Carbon12 is uninterruptible commerce among Christians so that no matter what is happening in the world, believers can still transact. What really sets Carbon12 apart from other cryptocurrencies is the backend development established by Gravity Jack. These features allow the $C12 blockchain to:

  • Create the opportunity for believers to donate to churches electronically with a method to reduce the risk of crypto for churches by covering losses from the time of donation to the time of withdrawal from the Carbon12 Treasury. Additionally, the Treasury will cover exchange fees for authorized churches as they transfer funds in and out of $C12. This feature allows churches to accept tithes in the form of $C12 without risk or fees and protects church funds from inflation tied to traditional currency and banking.
  • Integrate with e-commerce sites to help Christian businesses and services expand and innovate through transactions made with Carbon12 — meaning that when users click the shopping cart button and begin the checkout process on any Christian ecommerce site, $C12 will be offered as a payment method in the same way as debit/credit cards and paypal.
  • Facilitating international transactions, making it easier for churches and believers to fund missions and church plants throughout the world.


Beyond the design of the logo, Gravity Jack created a variety of graphics that were leveraged on the Carbon12 website and whitepaper. These graphics were used to help explain how Carbon12 functions as cryptocurrency and all of the benefits to churches and important causes beyond revenue.

Extra Graphics

Mockups, Infographics and marketing materials help sell your product’s vision.


Developing a cryptocurrency from the beginning to launch, also meant that our team at Gravity Jack had a large part in the creation of Carbon12’s whitepaper. When it comes to cryptocurrency, a whitepaper is the single most important thing aside from the actual development. The whitepaper educates potential investors about the problems that the coin looks to solve. It also breaks down all of the operational dynamics within the blockchain.

Carbon12’s whitepaper went above and beyond the explanation of the tokenmics and characteristics of the coin. Also explained in the whitepaper is Forum12’s roadmap for integrating Carbon12 into a custom social media platform that uses Augmented Reality to generate content called HolARgram (currently being developed by Gravity Jack). All of these elements combined make for an incredibly compelling use case for cryptocurrency — see for yourself!


Every business needs a website and Carbon12 is no different. We designed a sleek responsive site to drive awareness for this project and showcase some of the graphics we created to sell it.

Responsive Design

Web design that considers how the site will be viewed on various sized devices.


Carbon12 was launched on the Ethereum blockchain and developed using the Solidity platform for its diversity within the Web3 space. Not only is Solidity compatible with any ERC20 wallets, but it allows Carbon12 to have several functions such as the creation of NFTs for HolARgram (Forum12’s own social media platform) and Smartcontracts. Beyond functionality, the Carbon12 blockchain prides itself on the security it provides its users through the Solidity platform.

In addition to the development of the $C12 coin, Gravity Jack developed a website using the WordPress platform for Carbon12. While on the website, users can download the whitepaper, learn all about Carbon12’s mission, and even purchase the coin. The purchase functionality on the website allows users to connect their crypto wallet to buy Carbon12 or they can simply enter credit card information. The development of Carbon12 has officially enabled our client of Forum12 to create a parallel economy built for Christians and churches, while also allowing anyone to partcipate.

See it in action!

Gravity Jack created a dynamic blockchain that houses a wide range of features that the Forum12 team had envisioned for Carbon12. In addition to the general exchange of the token through different crypto wallets, the Carbon12 blockchain allows: churches to accept $C12 donations while protecting them from service fees, users to donate to a select set of charities, and even integrate into e-commerce sites.

The Goal

Provide a cryptocurrency that can make money, but also have a social impact token used to support individual freedom, privacy, and organizations that have a positive impact on the world.

Gravity Jack’s Solution

To develop an entire ecosystem of Web3 technologies that can support the Carbon12 cryptocurrency. Additionally, design and develop a website that will have the ability to sell and promote the token.

The Result

The creation of a cryptocurrency to fortify, unite, and expand the reach of Web3 projects having a positive social impact & adding value to all people.