Augmented Reality: Furnishing Consumers With The Ultimate “Try Before You Buy” Experience

Gravity Jack In the Press

Gone are the days of buying something, bringing it home, realizing it won’t work (for whatever reason), then having to take it back to the store — only to start the process all over again.

Sound stressful? Don’t stress.

Our most recent project here at Gravity Jack is an awesome new mobile app that allows anyone to view virtual, true-to-life furniture (Fisher-Price® baby swings to be exact) in your home, before going to the store, spending a dime or even opening a box! This experience is truly the ultimate “try before you buy” experience and all it takes is a smartphone or tablet. Sound like the future? It is — and it’s now. We believe that apps such as this are only going to become more prevalent in retail and will ultimately, revolutionize the shopping experience.

The app that we developed for Fisher-Price allows modern families to see what Fisher Price’s Babygear line of cradle and swing products will look like in their own home. This is made possible thanks to augmented reality (or simply, “AR”). All the user has to do, is download the app and print out a marker, with just a tap from within the app. Then, simply place the marker anywhere in your home that you would like to see the product, and it will instantly project a true-to-size 3D rendering of the swing! In addition to simply viewing the product, you can even see what the rocker will look like in motion — and hear the music it plays. If you aren’t expecting a little one, try the app anyway! Trust us, the experience is worth it.

While Fisher-Price’s use case is a perfect example, this technology isn’t exclusively for baby swings. As you can imagine, augmented reality is on the front lines of a revolutionary new future for virtually every consumer shopping experience. Imagine never having to go to the store. Already like what you see within the app? Go ahead and order it from the retailer’s site, right away. You can see what art looks like on your wall, or what your new pair of glasses will look like on your face. All of this is happening, right before your eyes, as if it were truly there.

Perhaps you’re the merchant. Let’s imagine that a customer has fallen in love with your best-selling product thanks to your app, featuring augmented reality. Use this technology to conveniently introduce them to your line of complimentary products. Their experience is better, because it no longer feels like marketing. It’s relevant. Products can be animated, educational, experiential — you name it.

As you can see, augmented reality is (quite literally) furnishing people with the ultimate “try before you buy experience.” Whether it’s creating your new dream home, or simply finding a swing for the new baby, here at Gravity Jack say, we’re helping brands create amazing experiences that redefine how we shop. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you create this experience, don’t hesitate to let us know! We thrive on making your ideas come to life.


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