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This is the first post in a series on UAQ. Check back often to learn about additional ways to attract, engage and keep your mobile app users! We’ll be exploring both organic and paid strategies, hearing from various leaders in the space and more!

Every mobile entrepreneur believes that they hold the next big idea; something that will change the world. You very well may but even when an idea is truly revolutionary, mobile can still be a tough nut to crack.

The nut everyone’s after? Users! Even (and perhaps especially) the best ideas rely heavily on masses of users to lift them off the ground and, if being the next Zuckerberg is your goal, you’re going to have to have a plan for monetizing those users.

What is UAQ?

As the mobile industry realized the need for users, the phrase “user acquisition” quickly reached certified buzzword status. Everyone with a stake in the success of software began chirping the phrase with the hopes of drawing a crowd, but few truly understood it.

UAQ is a short term that our team at Gravity Jack coined for “user acquisition.” To be honest, too many people who approach agencies like Gravity Jack look at their project and see only the need for software design or development. They may have a surface level marketing plan, high expectations for a press release or some other effort in mind, but it’s rarely given the priority, thought or even budget it deserves. Inevitably, at some point, it shows. They are handed a final project build and are, at that moment, the only one in the world who knows about it. Then what?

Last year, Gravity Jack saw a need for leadership in the space of UAQ. We couldn’t watch as great projects left amazing agencies and went out into the world without direction. We refused to sit idly by as clients of those agencies wondered, “ok, well what’s next?” Without a proper strategy for UAQ, finished designs and complete code are just 50-60% complete.

At Gravity Jack, we’re far more than just designers and coders. Our team consists of marketers, writers and strategists. To put it simply, we see user psychology in everything we do.

Guidance, strategy, and execution of UAQ is something that Gravity Jack is proud to offer each and every project, in addition to our great software design and development. It’s one of the many things that raises our reputation above and beyond the rest.

Even if your project didn’t start with us, our team can help discuss the best options for driving UAQ, once you (and your project) are ready to take over the world.

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