We’ve Moved To Downtown Spokane, WA!

Gravity Jack is excited to announce that as of this morning (6/4/18) our team has officially moved offices from Liberty Lake to the historic Holley Mason building in downtown Spokane, WA! The bittersweet 17-mile move to downtown is an exciting new opportunity for our technology and team. Our new address is:

157 S Howard St, Suite 605
Spokane, WA 99201

Moving wasn’t necessarily an easy decision, but having a presence in downtown Spokane opens up new doors (literally and figuratively) in terms of bringing visibility from surrounding businesses and members of the community. And while we loved the quiet serenity and beauty that being in Liberty Lake brought us, moving provides a more centralized commute for all current and future team members. The downtown location also makes walking to lunch and coffee a new possibility.

Another big bonus of the new office and essentially starting from scratch is the opportunity to rethink the entire layout of the space. Similar to our old office, the floorplan will have an open feng shui, but we will be putting extra thought into conference areas, offices, and quiet zones for those who are in intense coding sprints.

There is no doubt that the old office space will be missed. The past six (6) years there have brought us seemingly countless ideas, concepts, and lines of code! We’ve worked on some of our favorite projects and celebrated their success there. The best part of all those memories? They are making the move with us. We put them in bubble wrap and placed them in a boxed marked fragile.

Gravity Jack is still the same team, with the same drive, focus, and energy for Creating The Future Experience™, but with a new headquarters. We absolutely love our new space, but it is currently under construction and we are in a temporary space in the Holley Mason building. That said, in the meantime please call and make an appointment to come and visit us!