iOS 9 leave you with a broken mobile app, bugs and issues? We can help.

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Did iOS 9 Break Your App? Having issues and bugs? We’re here to help!

Every time Apple releases a new operating system, you can bet on it: Fans go crazy for the new features. Whether it’s a long-awaited need, or the addition of something that you never knew you needed until now, it’s just a fact – most of the fanfare focuses on the new stuff! It’s always great when your phone or tablet can do things that it’s never been able to, but along with all the new features also comes one thing that’s not often discussed: How new operating systems can affect the apps that already exist!

Here’s a little story. You’ve got a beautiful app and it works great! Last year, you put months of development into an amazing product and, since release, you’ve steadily grown a loyal user base. You’ve got a happy crew of advocates, impressive daily user numbers and provide an experience that no other app does.

Until iOS 9.

As soon as the release goes live, you get a few tweets, then some emails, and then a whole lot more! You open the app and, sure enough, it crashes. iOS 9 has broken your app and every moment is precious to ensure your users remain as loyal as ever.

It’s a common story. Crashes, glitches, unresponsiveness or, in some cases, just flat out broken apps are all common occurrences for mobile apps when a new operating system is released. It’s just part of the realities of software and, while there are certainly steps you can take to avoid these hiccups, sometimes you can find yourself in need of some extra help. That’s where Gravity Jack steps in.

If your mobile app is experiencing issues with the latest release of Apple’s iOS 9, don’t panic! Your great idea and project should never die, just because of an update. Our team has been working with iOS 9 from it’s earliest beta phases. This means that we have months of experience helping app owners and developers anticipate, identify and resolve the issues that the new OS causes. We’ve been doing it before it was even released. Our team of experts, here at Gravity Jack, can not only find out what’s causing the trouble – we can roll up our sleeves and fix it, getting your app back up and running in no time!

We should mention — while we’re on the heels of a new iOS, we’re not just limited to Apple either. Here at Gravity Jack, we create software for every platform imaginable, including Apple, Android and even custom hardware! We are more than capable of finding solutions to any of the issues dragging your project down. With clients that include the Department of Defense and Kraft, there isn’t an idea or fix that is too big for us to handle. Whether you’ve created your very first app – or you’re a seasoned veteran, we’re available and happy to take a moment and speak about how we can help! Learn more about what we’ve done here, in our portfolio, or reach out to our team and speak with us today!

Happy app-ing!


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