Gravity Jack and TEDxSpokane Bring 360º Video Talks to Life

Gravity Jack In the Press

Imagine watching your favorite TEDx talks in virtual reality. You can feel as if you are a part of the audience – immersed in the experience you can choose whether to watch the speaker, the slides or the audience. It is the next best thing to being there in person!

Our team was honored with the opportunity to record video of this year’s event. Though, in true Gravity Jack fashion, we recorded the TEDxSpokane talks in glorious 360º video – capturing every angle and nuance. It was quite an adventure hanging our “ball” of Go Pros from the catwalk and quietly changing out the batteries every few hours.

Up to this point, a 360º TEDx experience had not yet been done in the United States and we were thrilled that our community was the first to do this! We were also able to bring along some headsets and show off some of our latest projects. Is there anything more fun than watching someone try virtual or augmented reality for the first time?

Spokane is becoming a nurturing community for innovation and technology. We feel it is extremely important for our team to be a contributing body to this growing field in Eastern Washington and actively look for ways to give back and serve the organizations and people here.

Want to see it for yourself?
Our videographer snuck us a quick sneak peak! Click the video below, and enjoy!

So, who’s ready for TEDx 2016?


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