What’s not to love about the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) event in Las Vegas? An innovation fueled gathering where some, and by some we mean ALL of the biggest names in the technology sector flock each January so they can reveal their team’s latest developments in futuristic gadgets, appliances, and more.

Global brands such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Ford Motor Company pull out all of the stops in order to paint a broad picture that will help consumers understand what to expect when we buy our next refrigerator, smartwatch, or car in the coming years. This year, Gravity Jack is proud to announce their strategic partnership with the team at Realmax Inc. by sharing a booth at CES.

This exciting partnership will join the forces of our patented Adroit augmented reality (AR) technology with Realmax’s new Realmax 100 mixed reality headset. Together, our technologies will aim to revolutionize the way industries operate by incorporating AR into their standard operating procedures. Work environments will instantly become more safe, efficient, and responsive to evolving needs. We have extensively written about numerous ways augmented reality could potentially impact several industries, but the partnership with Realmax ensures that augmented reality WILL impact a multitude of industries around the globe.

The Realmax 100’s 100º field of view and high-def 2K screen is the perfect match for Adroit’s 6 degrees of freedom object pose. Together, they will enable a hands-free AR experience that will give its users a high functioning tool that is able to recognize and compute complex solutions at a high frame rate. With the next industrial revolution happening as we speak, the Realmax 100 and Adroit partnership will help businesses take the next big step in solving an array of issues.

Similar to Gravity Jack, Realmax Inc. is a global provider of AR services, particularly in the education sector, with a strong emphasis on the creation of dynamic heads-up displays (HUD). Even though they are headquartered in Shanghai, our teams have had a strong relationship within the AR community for several years. With a strong communication history, our teams are very comfortable working together, and we look forward to growing and learning alongside a developmental team just as passionate about AR as we are.

Behind the scenes, our teams have been diligently working towards making this exciting announcement and to make the partnership official, we have prepared the first Adroit and Realmax 100 experience which will be ready for the public to try at CES. For those of you who will be in attendance January 8th – 11th, we highly encourage you to come and visit with our teams and try the experience first-hand at the LVCC South Hall 1 booth number 21446. What’s the experience? We would love to tell you, but we are bound to the CES code of secrecy. If you can’t make it to CES, not to worry, we will be sure post tons of photos and updates as the event unfolds.

In all seriousness, please feel free to contact the Gravity Jack team to schedule a time to visit us and experience the demo firsthand. Here’s to an exciting and adventurous kickoff to 2019!


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