If you’ve read about Gravity Jack or been into our offices over the last few years, you’ve likely learned that our team has been working on an incredible new computer vision technology — a solution that brings capabilities previously only found in high-budget Hollywood films to life.

Our new technology gives any device with a camera the power to detect and track any real world object, regardless of size, texture, transparency or other historical challenges to augmented reality, including unscalable stickers or markers. For much of the time throughout development, this technology was referred to internally (and, in some cases, when discussing publicly) by the codename ‘PoindextAR.’

It’s our opinion that great technology is not meant to be hidden by coded names and is best utilized when shared publicly with the world. Today, we’re excited to announce that we are prepared to begin doing just that. As our technology moves into a private ‘Alpha’ phase, it will leave its codename behind, shifting to a more formal, public and long-term moniker: Adroit.

Adroit is a word known by many to mean ‘clever or skillful in using the hands or mind.’ For the Gravity Jack team, it means even more! Adroit officially stands for Augmented Dynamic Realtime Object Identification and Tracking. What does that mean? It means that your machinery, headwear or even mobile devices are now capable of scanning any object in the world and understanding it similarly to how our own human brains do.

It has always been the goal of our team to provide a complete, powerful new augmented reality capability to a world of passionate developers, engineers, scientists, teams and leaders — effectively giving experts in their fields the tools they need to impact entire industries for the better. Adroit technology does precisely this — accurately calculating the 6 degrees of freedom pose for objects, giving your systems the power to operate on a deep level of spatial awareness and overlay critical steps, processes, procedures and other information in near real time.

As we move into the coming weeks and months, we’re excited to share more with you! Stay tuned for announcements on our active partner program, release of a public version and more!


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