How Augmented Reality and Social Media are Transforming Digital Communication and Engagement

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Augmented Reality and Social Media: A Match Made in Digital Heaven


In an era where digital innovation is paramount, Augmented Reality (AR) technologies have established themselves as a significant trend within the digital marketing world. Social media platforms, recognizing this potential, have eagerly adopted various AR features such as filters, lenses, and immersive experiences, revolutionizing how we communicate digitally and engage with brands.

AR & Social Media Marketing Strategies

Current Trends

Social media has drastically evolved with the integration of AR, compelling marketers to adapt their strategies. Consider Snapchat and Instagram, which have introduced interactive filters that entertain and simultaneously enhance brand visibility. Snapchat’s AR filters attracted over 600 million daily users in Q3 of 2020, while Instagram’s AR features have reached approximately 1.6 billion users.

Impact on Businesses

AR has transformed the way brands tell their stories. The New Yorker, for instance, captivated audiences with AR covers that offered an enriching, immersive experience. Such AR filters can surge brand awareness by up to 70%, as evidenced by a L’Oréal Paris study.

AR & User-Generated Content Trends

Promoting Engagement

Pokémon Go exemplifies AR’s power to revolutionize user-generated content, with its interactive nature. Garnering over 500 million downloads shortly after its release, it highlights the massive engagement that AR can drive.

Evolving Landscape of Interactive Storytelling

Interactive storytelling has found a new ally in AR. Unilever’s ‘The Degree Inclusive’ campaign cleverly used AR to gain insights into the experiences of people with limited mobility, leading to innovative product design.

Industry Leaders in the AR-Social Media Realm


Snapchat’s ‘Lens Studio’ has enabled over 200,000 AR developers globally, resulting in the creation of 2 million AR lenses and a daily engagement time averaging 30 minutes.


With ‘SparkAR’, Facebook has created a space for brands to craft their AR experiences. Over 1 million creators across 200 countries have developed more than 1.2 million AR effects by 2020 on this platform.

Why Choose Our Company

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