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Remember Lite Brites? The team at T-Mobile revived this timeless toy when they came to Gravity Jack for the development of a promotional website with a nostalgic twist. To celebrate lighting up the country with the most reliable 5G wireless network, Gravity Jack assisted T-Mobile by creating a custom website that offered its visitors the ability to purchase a Lite Brite that came with 5G-inspired templates and custom magenta pegs. This creative promotion featured responsive designs that were compatible with both mobile and desktop devices.

In addition to setting up commerce functionality within the website, Gravity Jack’s development services included the display of a variety of promotional material that T-Mobile wished to have highlighted throughout the website. This included a detailed explanation of the features within the Lite Brite set, showcasing the new 5G-themed templates, ensuring their promotion was front and center on the website, and much more! The website’s feature set also included a portal where users can upload photos of their 5G Lite Brite creations.




WordPress Website Development


Web Development

Creation of an online presence that is unique to the project

Custom Software

Code development specific to the project’s needs

Backend Framework

Enables the client to easily update details within the website

Mobile Design

Complimentary mobile designs that are compatible with numerous mobile devices and browsers

User Experience Design

Enhancing the user’s overall experience through thoughtful digital designs

Digital Production

A dedicated project manager that brings consistent quality and visibility to the project


Needing a quick turnaround time for their project, T-Mobile came to Gravity Jack looking for a custom website that showcased their new partnership with Lite-Brite. T-Mobile passed along all of the images, text, videos, and branding that was to be included in the project to Gravity Jack. From there, our team organized all of the elements and delivered a custom WordPress website that was responsive to both desktop and mobile devices.



Puts us in the shoes of a potential user to make informed decisions about the functionality and flow of the project.


The blueprints of a project that put the design and development teams on the same page prior the development


Integrating branding, style guides, and more to give the project cohesive look and feel


Development begins with the architecture of the project with integration tests help verify that all software is written based on the project requirements


A test plan is created where the project is tested at each development milestone and again multiple times upon competition to ensure a seamless experience


Working alongside the client, a process is established to launch the project based on the intended audience. The code is then packaged up and provided to the client!


In addition to implementing the ability to make transactions on the website, Gravity Jack took all of the assets provided by T-Mobile and displayed them in a way that engaged users as they explored the site.

Interactive Design

Creating a website the can be compatible and responsive to a variety of devices


Gravity Jack was able to incorporate nostalgia and commerce functionality into T-Mobile’s Brite Lite website. Not only were users able to take a trip down memory lane, they were able to learn about how T-Mobile’s 5G service has and continues to provide the most coverage compared to their competitors.

The Goal

Create a Lite Brite-inspired website that celebrates T-Mobile lighting up the country with the most reliable 5G wireless network

Gravity Jack’s Solution

Develop a WordPress website that leverages all of the images, videos, text, and branding provided by T-Mobile into a cohesive user experience on both desktop and mobile devices

The Result

A robust website that allows users to learn about the T-Mobile Lite Brite project, Purchase their very own T-Mobile-themed Lite Brite, and even upload pictures of their Lite Brite creations!