Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America Teams With Gravity Jack Augmented Reality to Bring Revolutionary New Virtual Product Experience for iPad

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LIBERTY LAKE, Wash., July 17, 2013 — In an announcement today, Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA), U.S. headquarters for Sumitomo Drive Technologies, has introduced the PT Experience Cyclo® Bevel BuddyBox®. The new Augmented Reality (AR) mobile app, available exclusively for the Apple iPad, offers three main functions: a customizable AR experience for both Cyclo® Bevel BuddyBox® (BBB) products, an in-depth look at all of the Cyclo® BBBs’ internal and external features, and an opportunity to connect directly to Sumitomo’s representatives and online resources.

The custom augmented reality technology, created by Gravity Jack, allows a user to view and interact with several “to scale” products virtually in the real world, without having the products physically present.

The Augmented Reality Experience, developed by American custom software leader Gravity Jack, allows a user to customize the Cyclo® BBB products by selecting the basic input and output options necessary for their application. The user can then virtually view the selected product in real space through the iPad’s viewfinder. Virtual product display is made possible using Gravity Jack’s computer vision technology called ‘visual search’ and is proving to be increasingly beneficial in a wide range of industries due to its ability to allow a non-present object to appear virtually in an extremely realistic way. For the Cyclo® BBB4 series AR experience, users can choose from five input options (Gearmotor, Brakemotor, Free Input, Quill and C-Face), and four output options (Solid Shaft, Keyed Hollow Shaft, Shrink Disc and Sumitomo’s patented Taper-Grip® Bushing). The shaft-mounted Cyclo® BBB5 series offers the same selection of input options, and features the Keyed Hollow Shaft and Shrink Disc as the output options available.

The Discover the Features function enables the user to explore all of the internal and external features of Sumitomo’s premier right-angle drives. By selecting the External View of each product, users of the application can explore all 360 degrees of both units and learn about the unique features visible to the outside. These external features include the robust housing design, output seals, mounting options and more. As an additional function, the external view allows for an exploded animation of the Cyclo® BBB components, showcasing the unique arrangement of components and comprehensive design. Further exploration of the internal components is also available, complete with an animation of the Free Input, Keyed Hollow Shaft assembly of both the Cyclo® BBB 4 and 5 series.

The contact options of PT Experience enable users with a data network or wifi connection to email Sumitomo, locate their nearest Sumitomo Drive Technologies’ sales representative, or visit Sumitomo’s global website or online product Configurator. The website link allows users with a data network connection to navigate through Sumitomo Drive Technologies’ website for product information, industry-specific information, and white papers.

Designed to visualize Sumitomo’s premiere right angle, spiral bevel product lines and educate the power transmission and controls industry on the robust features of the Cyclo® Bevel BuddyBox® 4 and 5 series, PT Experience for Cyclo® BBB is available on the App Store in English and is optimized for the latest versions of the Apple iOS and iPad displays.

About Sumitomo

For more than 45 years, Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA) has grown as a global leader in the power transmission industry, offering a wide variety of products for OEM and industrial applications. The SMA Corporate headquarters are located in Chesapeake, Virginia (USA) with strategic satellite locations in North, Central and South America. The organization occupies more than 500,000 square feet of offices and manufacturing facilities with more than 300 employees. SMA ships thousands of drive products every month, adding to its North and South American installed base in excess of 5 million products.

About Gravity Jack

Gravity Jack is an American custom software development company, founded in Liberty Lake, WA in 2009. Specializing in mobile apps, augmented reality and visual search, Gravity Jack designs and develops fully custom software solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Coca-Cola, TaylorMade Golf, Boeing, NASDAQ, Myspace and more. Through the creation of the ‘browsAR Inside’ platform, Gravity Jack allows brands to merge the physical world and the virtual world through 3D virtual product displays, e-commerce, polling, gaming, analytics and more. Learn more at

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