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There are a lot of components to augmented reality in regards to the hardware. Camera’s play a huge role and just how far the rabbit hole of AR will go. We need the full range of camera’s – super hi res to super cheap. For example we need the super cheap ones so that every street corner can have camera’s pointed in every direction and that data can be picked up in an open format. Imagine SEEING through a building
We also need the hi res ones so that we can zoom in from afar and get to a pixel depth we can’t even imagine with our normal eyes.
I have assembled some promising and cool links below for some cutting edge Camera and image tech. First for those of you that watch the superbowl this year there is some really good camera tech going on:
Via DVICE check out this 540 frame per second camera

While hundreds of millions of Super Bowl viewers munch on enough potato chips to reach the moon if laid end to end (293,000 miles’ worth, to be exact), this Sunday’s game will feature spectacularly detailed slow motion replays. Among the 50 cameras deployed for the broadcast, CBS will be using six Vision Research Phantom V640 super slow-mo cameras.
Super cameras indeed. Surprisingly, CBS won’t be cranking them anywhere near as high as they can go, where we’ll see slow motion at a rate of between 480 to 540 frames per second on the Super Bowl XLIV broadcast. The Phantom V640 is capable of shooting 1,500 four-megapixel frames per second, or 2,700 HD frames per second.
VIA Gizmodo check out this 570 Megapixel Super Camera

Dark energy Peeping Toms rejoice, because Fermilab has created the gadget to catch it: A $35 million, car-sized digital camera, with 74 CCD sensors in it. It will take 570-megapixel photos of the Universe.
The resulting sensor is one meter in diameter, covering a 2.2-degree field of view. The images are so big that, even with an ultra-fast data recording system, each photo will take 17 seconds to acquire.
The camera won’t photograph the dark energy itself, however. It will just provide with ultra-detailed shots of the cosmos—tracking 300 million galaxies over the course of five years—which may bring evidence about the existence of this veiled intergalactic power.
Lastly this one is my favorite. Again via DVICE

Two fantastic photos, both world’s highest rez

Get ready to feast your eyes. First we have a spherical photo that’s a mind-boggling 18 gigapixels large, letting you gaze at Prague in record-breaking resolution. It’s stitched together from 600 shots, resulting in what its makers say is the world’s highest-rez 360-degree image — 192,000 pixels wide by 96,000 pixels high. Whoa. That’s 18.4 billion pixels! Go to the image, click Full Screen and marvel at how you can zoom in on individuals, close enough to discern what brand of cellphone they’re using.
Then there’s our second example, the spectacular 26-gigapixel panorama of Dresden, Germany. It’s not a 360-degree photo, but its resolution is even higher than the Prague image. Shot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II with a 400mm lens, this project employed a photo robot to take its 1,665 pictures, accomplishing all that shooting in a mere 172 minutes. A computer with 48GB of RAM and 16 processors took 94 hours to process the 102GB of raw data, busting out the largest picture in the world, with an incredibly high resolution of 297,500 x 87,500 pixels. This is just positively astounding.
Amazing stuff!


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