More Than Just Software: Culture and how it creates the Gravity Jack difference

Gravity Jack In the Press

Gravity Jack is a custom augmented reality studio and brand, creating some of the world’s most new and forward-thinking software. While this fact alone warrants the title of “unique,” if we’re honest about our mindset, we believe that what we do is really just a small part of what sets Gravity Jack apart.

We believe that it’s just as much about who we are.

When our company was founded, with just five employees, in November of 2009, Gravity Jack had one goal in mind: To take a technology not yet expanded on (augmented reality), and bring it to mainstream culture on a silver platter. We knew this would only happen with a staff of individuals who are not only extremely good at what they do, but who take a great amount of pride in the quality of how we do it. Leadership throughout the mission would be critical.

Now, approaching our third year, with around 50 employees — and preparing to deploy our biggest release to do date — we took some time to take a step back to consider the following question:

“Is our culture as unique and exciting as our vision?”

Strip away the iPads, the powerful custom technology, the groovy offices and the flashy press releases. Take away the big name pipeline, the tweets and the posts, and all the hype.  What you will find is core variables, all fitting together…dare we say like lines of code?

You’ll find a team, sitting side by side everyday, doing what they love.

To us, it’s the most exciting part of all.

While any company (or team of individuals, for that matter) can make the claims, we look for the proof.

Gravity Jack employees exhibit an unprecedented work ethic, a passion for technology, and the capability to solve complex problems with a wise approach. Everyday, Gravity Jack artists, developers, and researchers drive themselves to improve efficiency by removing any “crutch” that gets in the way. Gravity Jack developer Matt’s actions are a perfect example of this:

Sometime last year, Matt asked himself the question: “What does someone who is already efficient, do to raise the bar?” Many people in today’s culture would say, “Congrats! You’ve done it. You are efficient.” Matt did the opposite and brought in a personal keyboard for use at his computer. The only difference? This keyboard had no labels, text, or other symbols on any of the keys.

Matt got to work, trusting his previous knowledge to guide his development. He knew that in order to be as strong of a person as possible, one should, ultimately, strive to remove any figurative crutches or scaffolding. In a classic case of submersion, Matt forced himself to exceed expectations and raised the bar.
Matt is just an example. Every developer at Gravity Jack has taken steps that embody this drive and determination. Whether it’s working to unlock streaming video in augmented reality space, discovering the most effective ways to include logic within an AR scene, or writing HTML poetry, one line at a time…We take pride in what we do.

It’s precisely this drive, passion, and creativity that we find in each and every individual that is brought from an interview, to the floor. With a team of people willing to do whatever it takes to be as efficient as possible (even to the extent of removing the letters from their keyboard), we have a hard time not hoping for and expecting only the best for the future.

Gravity Jack is a team of people who, while some may be masters of Android, others perhaps WordPress, and of course, the hallowed iOS, or perhaps some may be fathers, mothers, professors, and more — we are all a team of creative, passionate problem solvers. We’ve got a culture, and couldn’t be more proud of the future sure to come!

To our developers and the rest of the supporting staff, thank you for all that you do to go above and beyond to make the impossible a reality!

…Even if it’s augmented.


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