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It’s 2014.

At the turn of last year, augmented reality was touted as the tech of the upcoming 2013 — and, well, it kind of was. Google Glass made a massive debut and experienced a resounding “Eh, ok it’s a start.” from techies everywhere, while the more cautious few sparked panic by asking questions like: “How do I know if I’m being photographed by someone’s glasses!?” (Hint: The answer is they have to scream “Ok glass!” like a pretentious, future version of Richie Rich in public.)

Here at Gravity Jack, we experienced an aspect of augmented reality change in a way that, to us, seems more exciting than any of that

: Rather than having to spend all our time explaining augmented reality to people…the number of people, brands and agencies coming to us with inspiring ideas and needs of their own…skyrocketed.

Now, that may seem like a bit of a humble brag, but we’re truly just as excited as we are proud — and you should be too. For the first time, in the history of this young technology, it’s kicking off the training wheels and becoming a topic on the table in marketing and advertising meetings at every major company/brand in the world. Even the small businesses are getting into it! Entrepreneurs are dreaming up entire ways to boost productivity in our lives using this budding new technology — and, if we’re honest, it feels a bit like our child is growing up.

The craziest part of all of this is that it was just the start. The tip of the iceberg (so to speak) and it has positioned augmented reality to be the headlining technology, once again in the year of 2014.

Look around! 3D printers, 3D movies — yes, of course, augmented reality — our entire culture is enamored with this new dimension of technology. Here’s a thought:

Perhaps we’re fans of the novelty — but perhaps we’re also eager to interact, understand and feel like we are a part of a product, rather than just be fed two-dimensional (literally and figuratively) advertising, products and relationships.

This year, augmented reality promises to bring amazing research with regards to contact lenses, bring heads-up displays to our motor vehicles, and even help surgeons and medical professionals improve the quality of care. It’s going to help teachers immerse students in history, science and the arts and bring media to the masses faster and more conveniently than ever. It’s going to allow brands to provide potential consumers with an unprecedented product experience and an even better troubleshooting/repair one! There is so much for this young technology to bring to society and it’s not limited to a small demographic.

What makes augmented reality technology standout from so many other revolutionary products is that its influence will affect virtually every industry in the world.

Yes, 2013 was a fantastic year for augmented reality, but if you ask us? The mind-blowingly exciting best is yet to come.

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